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  • Tons of responsive cushioning, and Improved flexibility.
  • 8mm offset helps give the shoe a smoother ride and improves stability.
  • Over 1 oz. lighter than the last version


  • Major changes in the shoe may frighten off long time wearers.
  • Less stable than previous versions
  • $140 price tag may have runners looking for a more economically priced shoe.


Super comfortable flexible stability shoe. The lower drop and lighter weight make the shoe less bulky and eliminate the clunkiness that stability shoes have typically been known to have. Definitely a must try for those looking for a change or making the progression to a lower offset shoe.
PowerGrid Hurricane 14
11.2 oz. (318 gr.)
140 US$
Moderate overpronators looking for a well cushioned shoe that can withstand tons of miles. Runners that are looking to transition to a lower offset shoe.

Receiving the praises of many, and the boos and hisses of a few of the faithful, Saucony has boldly overhauled the Hurricane 14, its go-to stability running shoe. The new updates of the Hurricane showcase Saucony’s “Geometry of Strong” platform which reduces heel to toe offset. This reduction encourages runners to land further midfoot which creates greater running efficiency since impact forces are distributed more uniformly. The reduction not only allows the runner to land further forward but won’t sacrifice cushioning or stability.

Saucony Hurricane 14 First impressions:

When laying eyes on the shoes for the first time it is even visually much different from the previous versions. The first thing that was noticeable was the overall reduction in bulk of the shoe. The reduction in the midsole and change to the Sauc fit system have definitely helped with this. Also the lack of pronounced stability controls that you might find on traditional stability shoes, such as a big medial post and defined dual insert, are not visibly noticeable. Once I placed the shoes on immediately I appreciated how well they fit my foot. The first steps also bought to my attention how nice and cushioned the shoe was.

Saucony Hurricane 14 Upper:

The upper of the Hurricane 14 is definitely about comfort and fit. Dual density open mesh covers the entire upper of the shoe that is a nice breathable lightweight fabric. The overlays as with the 13 are very liberal and are a stitched on composite material. The overlays are integrated into the new Sauc Fit system, this replaces the arch lock system used in the 13, that provided excellent lock down and a snug fit. This system also allowed for greater independent movement between the heel and midfoot. The upper of the 14 really seemed to move well with my foot and never caused me any discomfort. What I really appreciated about this upper was not only its flexibility but that it needed no break-in period what so ever.

Flat stretchy laces secure the shoe that remained tied on all of my runs. These flat laces coupled with the stretch helped cut down on excess pressure to the top of my feet. Another unique feature is a small pocket incorporated into the tongue that is the perfect size for a car key.

Saucony Hurricane 14 Midsole:

The midsole of the 14 is really where Saucony has made the greatest change in this upgrade. The first major overhaul to the midsole is a heel-to-toe offset reduction from the traditional 12 mm down to 8mm. This reduction helps reduce the shoes overall weight by 1.2 oz., and promotes greater natural stability. The composition of materials has also changed to help reduce bulk, improve flexibility and comfort. Previously constructed of Progrid foam Saucony is now using its lower bulk softer POWERfoam. I really noticed not only the flexibility of this foam but its super plush cushioning really impressed me the most.

The Hurricane still uses a dual density insert to control overpronation but it too uses a newer SSL material reducing its weight and bulk which also helps it meld nicely into the shoe. A midsole support bridge has been reduced down to a much smaller thermoplastic bridge that instead if providing torsional stability aids in cushioning and isolates heel impact. The use of this bridge by Saucony isa very smart move as it not only improved cushioning, but increased flexibility by not inhibiting forefoot flexibility with a big plastic bridge. A decoupled SRC heel provided nice shock absorption and a clean smooth heel-to-toe transition.

Saucony Hurricane 14 Outsole:

The Hurricane has greater flexibility thanks to the addition of its IBR+ rubber in the segmented forefoot of the shoe. XT 900 carbon rubber caps off the heel that seems to be very durable and provides excellent traction. With approximately just over 100 miles on the shoe they are showing very little signs of wear, and have the capacity of going 500 miles if not more.

Saucony Hurricane 14 Opinion:

Saucony I feel has done a great job in retooling this shoe,and creating something that is out of the box from traditional stability trainers especially the change to an 8mm offset. The Hurricane 14 will help fill a gap for those runners that are looking to progress into the company’s more popular lower heel to toe offset shoes like the Mirage or Cortana or shoes of the same caliber.

This step down approach should allow for a nice easy progression as it gives the Achilles and calves time to adapt to lower heel. The shoe is also a super combination of high end stability and plush cushioning. I enjoyed this shoe on longer runs of 10+ miles and really appreciated them on the days when I was running on tired or sore legs. They provided a nice smooth comfortable ride with almost no break required at all.

I will give a word of caution to runners that have run in a 12mm for some time as they may experience some discomfort especially in the calves when first wearing this shoe. I wouldn’t be alarmed but definitely build up your miles slowly and allow your legs to adjust to the change in drop.

We thank the nice people at Saucony for sending us a pair of Hurricane 14 to test. This did not influence our review of the shoe, written after running more than 100 miles in them

Saucony PowerGrid Hurricane 14 Price Comparison

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