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  • Seamless lightweight & breathable mesh upper
  • Comfortable, secure fit from heel to toe
  • Lightweight – men’s 9.0 oz./women’s 7.6 oz.
  • Reliable Stability


  • None that were prominent


In its newest version, the Wave Inspire 10 continues to be lightweight and offers plenty of stability for those that need it. The shoe provides quick, smooth transition whether doing shorter speed sessions or logging more mileage as it has adequate cushioning for longer training.
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Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 General Info:

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 continues making enhancements through adjustments to the midsole and outsole which were evident from the start. The lightweight nature of the shoe does not comprise its stability, which is still felt throughout foot strike providing a smooth ride. I was surprised at how light the shoe actually felt while running, yet I felt I had enough stability and cushioning during my runs.

The lightweight and stable feel of the Wave Inspire 10 was evident from my first run in them. To test the model out, I ran short tempo runs to runs of up to 15 miles. I was impressed with the snug heel fit as well as the comfortable midsole and toe box. The seamless mesh upper design is similar to last year’s model, but looks and feels thinner mess being used.

The shoe weighs approximately 9 oz. for men and 7.6 for women, due primarily to changes in the materials throughout the sole and upper; both of which are very light for a stability shoe. The Wave Inspire 10 continues to provide a smooth, fast transition stability runners are looking for alongside surprisingly-ample cushioning.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 Sole Unit:

The Wave Inspire 10 marked some changes from last year: most notable is the material compound used in in different parts of the shoe which reduces weight without compromising the integrity of the shoe. Using Mizuno’s U4iC midsole compound, the model is greatly lighter than previous versions. The Wave Inspire is known for providing a stable ride for runners who over-pronate while still providing the feeling and response of a light trainer for daily use.

The shoe’s midsole compound makes this it lighter while still providing plenty of cushioning. The outsole now uses an entirely-new rubber compound which does not comprise the stability and feel of the shoe, but still provides continued stability. I was surprised at the comfort and support of the shoe’s cushioning on longer runs—a noticeable and welcome trait.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 Upper Unit:

The Wave Inspire 10 is fitted with a thin, light seamless mesh upper that is simple and provides for a great fit throughout the shoe. The new upper is yet another change this year for the shoe as Mizuno continues to provide a stability shoe with clean and simple designs to make it lighter. The main overlays sit in towards the mid-foot and heel areas, similar to the Wave Inspire 9.

I was surprised while running in the shoe as the location of the overlays did not comprise my stability in the shoe. Rather, it kept my foot in place regardless of mileage. The robust mesh which runs throughout the upper allows the shoe to breathe well, also. The insole provides an overall well-fitting feel for the entire foot while keeping the heel firmly in place.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 Opinion:

The Wave Inspire 10 continues to be the go-to stability shoe in the Mizuno line-up. The fit and feel of the Wave Inspire 10 from the moment I put it on was great. I was impressed with the overall feel of the shoe throughout given its seamless mesh upper, stability, sufficient cushioning and lightweight feel.

The latest version of the Wave Inspire provides an exceptional overall fit, quick transition, and an even ride throughout a runner’s stride. The new lighter materials throughout the midsole and outsole are huge benefit bringing the shoe down to 9 oz. and yet it is still is able to sustain its stability and cushioning. This weight change was noticeable during from the moment I put the shoe on and during the first run.

The most notable takeaways from this shoe are the continued stability, flexibility, quick transition and ample cushioning. The modest tread design adds to its flexibility and comfort while running. The Wave Inspire 10 provided a remarkable overall fit, smooth and stable ride which provided me with a great encounter as I continued to put more and more miles on.

We thank the nice people at Mizuno for sending us a pair of Wave Inspire 10 to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

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