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  • Super BioMoGo DNA midsole provides a smooth, soft ride
  • Enhanced 3D Fit Printed Overlays for more adaptive fit
  • Ideal Pressure Zones evenly distribute pressure across entire ground contact
  • Rounded Heel design aligns foot throughout foot strike
  • Segmented Crash Pad allows for flexibility and smooth transition


  • High Price (Brooks did keep price unchanged)


The Brooks Glycerin 13 continues its tradition of offering premium-cushioning and a smooth ride. The shoe is targeted for those neutral runners seeking plush cushioning which delivers a comfortable and responsive transition throughout the entire foot strike.

The Super DNA midsole which provide a plush ride combined with the Ideal Pressure Zones create a premium running experience allowing for a more efficient ground contact from heel-to-toe.

The improved seamless upper design along with an updated midsole saddle allows for a personalized, secure fit around entire foot.

The Glycerin 13 is Brook’s top-of-the-line cushioned shoe for good reason. The updates this latest version can be felt from the very first run.

The quality and performance of this ultra-cushioned shoe continues to be worth the higher price tag. The Glycerin 13 maintains its plush ride and smooth transition while handling the rigors of running mile after mile during training.
Glycerin 13
11.30 oz. (320 gr.)
150 US$
Previous model
The Glycerin 13 is targeted for runners who are seeking a neutral shoe which provides superior cushioning and a premium ride throughout the entire stride delivering comfort mile after mile.

Brooks Glycerin 13 General Info

The Glycerin 13 is aimed for those runners looking for a neutral shoe which offers a smooth and soft ride. The shoe carry’s on the tradition of being Brooks “premium” ultra-cushioned shoe.

The shoe from the moment you take out of the box looks similar to the previous version as the Glycerin 13 kept many of the design changes found in the Glycerin 12 which underwent major changes to both the upper and sole unit.

The updates in this version were small and focused on the upper to improve the overall comfortable and adaptability to each runner’s foot.

The major change was the design of the 3D Fit Print overlay technology in the upper and how it was placed on to allows a more personalized feel as it wraps the foot.

The combination of the 3D Fit Print overlays with the adjustable saddle offers the runner a customized and snug fit from the first step.

The shoe kept the Super DNA midsole which provide the Glycerin its plush ride. The Individual Pressure Zones along with the Segmented Crash Pad allow for a smoother transition from heel-to-toe delivering the comfort runners expect from the Glycerin.

Brooks Glycerin 13 Sole Info

The Glycerin 13 continues to offer a very push ride due to the design and materials used throughout the entire sole unit as it retained the updates made in the previous version of the Glycerin.

The Super BioMoGo DNA material throughout the midsole offers a plush ride which adapts to each runner during ground contact. The midsole continues to offer 25% more cushioning then the standard Brooks BioMoGo DNA.

The Ideal Pressure Zones which are comprised of three areas – the heel, midfoot and forefoot – are incorporated into the outsole which allows the foot strike pressure to be spread out more evenly so the runner feels less “pounding” during ground contact.

The Segmented Crash Pad allows more flexibility from heel to forefoot which provides for a more uniform and efficient transition.

The rounded heel which was introduced in the Glycerin 12 has had mixed reaction from runners. The design of the rounded heel is intended to keep a runner’s foot more inline during initial ground contact by promoting a more smooth foot strike by moving the contact point more towards a runner’s midfoot or forefoot.

I found the entire design of the rounded heel with the Glycerin to provide a stable and smooth ride throughout my foot strike. There are some runners who will prefer a more wide heel, or “foot print”, while the smaller heel size works with other runners, it all comes down to preference.

The design of the sole unit allows a runner to experience a smoother ride and efficient transition throughout entire stride.

Brooks Glycerin 13 Upper Info

At first glance, it looks as nothing was changed as the upper retains the Element Mesh for breathability with Brooks’ 3D Fit Print overlays to allowing the upper to wrap the entire foot for a secure and comfortable fit.

The change comes in the 3D Print Fit overlays and how they were better positioned throughout the upper to provide a seamless and snug fit as it wraps entire foot.

The Adjustable Saddle continues to wrap and secure the midfoot and is controlled via lacing and works in conjunction with the enhanced 3D Fit Print overlays to provide a solid and comfortable feel.

The seamless upper on the Glycerin delivers a nice blend of comfort and stability for the entire foot mile after mile.

Brooks Glycerin 13 Conclusions

The Glycerin 13 is a solid choice for runners looking for a neutral shoe delivering premium, ultra-cushioning.

The key updates from the previous version were retained in the Glycerin 13 which allows for the overall running experience to be similar to the previous model.

The Glycerin 13 delivers premium cushioning without being too “bouncy” as some worry about when they are looking for shoes offering more cushioning.

The shoe comes in at 11.3 ounces just slightly higher than the previous model but it was not noticeable to me when running and does not impact the performance. I do wonder if Brooks’ will try to reduce the weight in future models through new technology or design.

When a runner laces up, the upper wraps and molds to the entire foot offering a personalized, snug fit while handling the rigors of high mileage and long training runs.

With the small changes in this version, the shoe definitely met my expectations in providing a soft ride and very smooth transition while keeping my entire foot secure and comfortable during each run.

We thank the nice people at Brooks for sending us a pair of Glycerin 13 to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Brooks Glycerin 13 Price Comparison

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