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  • Perfect amount of cushion
  • Light feeling on the feet
  • Great traction


  • Midfoot a little wide


The Brooks Ghost is a daily neutral trainer that takes a pounding instead of your feet. Although a little pricey, the fit and cushioning is top notch.
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Ghost 8
10.3 oz. (292 gr.)
120 US$
Previous model
This shoe is made for any runner, with the cushioning and support needed for the new runner and the foot feel and roll over for the speedster.

One of my first ever running shoes was the Ghost 5, but this is the first pair of Ghosts I have tried since that pair. Full disclosure, I did not enjoy my time with the Ghost 5s, and had a little trepidation when I got the opportunity to run in these. With that said, I found this pair of trainers to meet, nay exceed, all of my expectations.

Brooks Ghost 8 General Info

The Brooks Ghost is the flagship standard-cushioning neutral trainer for the company. This shoe is meant to be a daily trainer that can log all the miles you’re willing and able to throw at it.

In this iteration, Brooks has kept most of what has made the shoe a go to for so many different runners, great balanced cushioning while having a grounded foot feel.

When I first received the shoes, they stuck out as being very nice. The look of them was aggressive, yet not so aggressive as to not be able to wear them daily — if you choose to.

I had to wait a couple days to be able to run in these shoes — seeing as I was finishing up a review on another pair — and was antsy to get out on the road with them. They did not disappoint.

The first run I went on with these was a 5-mile hill route, and the ride on these shoes was responsive and quick. Each run after this one felt just as good.

Brooks Ghost 8 Sole Info

The Ghost sole uses Brooks’ signature BioMoGo DNA midsole, which is meant to shift and adapt itself to each individual stride taken. It also has an aggressive waffle rubber to keep you grounded through all weather.

Brooks uses a standard heel-toe drop of 12mm (28mm, 16mm) which hits the sweet spot for most standard runners.

The sole unit on the shoe moves you easily through your gait and, no matter if you heel strike or midfoot/forefoot strike, provides the cushion you need to feel comfortable at any distance.

When it comes to cushioning, the Ghosts have ample cushion under the heel to soften the blow of each stride, while firming up (as I personally enjoy) under the forefoot to provide a quick push-off and transition to the next step.

Brooks Ghost 8 Upper Info

The upper of this shoe is a sweat-wicking mesh that keeps your foot dry on the longer runs. It also includes the seamless overlays that make keep your feel comfortable and less of a chance of rubbing.

When it comes to sizing, the upper fits true to size and snug in the heel. From the heel it widens to the midfoot, where at times it feels a little too wide, and widens even more into a roomy and comfortable toebox.

Brooks Ghost 8 Conclusions

Frankly put, I was scared about running in these shoes. When I ran in the Ghost 5, the shoe was too firm and rubbed my toes raw. Anything past 6-7 miles was torture for me. Because of this, I was curious and cautious about wearing them.

As stated earlier in the review, these shoes met the challenge and won me over. While providing plenty of cushion on the 15-mile run, they still had the firmness I so desire in the forefoot to feel a good push on each stride. This helped me feel the ground, and feel faster as I transitioned between strides.

As a midfoot striker, I had plenty of support to keep myself going, and feel good after the run was over.

The traction of this shoe kept me happy in all the different surfaces on which I tested it. Even on rain-soaked concrete and gravel, the shoes never once slipped out from under me. They kept me feeling confident throughout, and that is truly important when out for any run.

Overall, this shoe is one that you can log miles on without a second thought (I’ve already logged 130+) and feel good in your purchase. It truly does meet Brooks’ motto of “Run Happy”.

We thank the nice people at Brooks for sending us a pair of Ghost 8 to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Brooks Ghost 8 Price Comparison

Sorry - Product not found. Please try RunningWarehouse.Com to check in their assortment.
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