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  • Light and responsive ride.
  • Booty construction of upper.
  • Tread pattern of sole.
  • Dash of support for over pronation.


  • I can't wear them everyday!


The New Balance 1500v4 is what you'll be wearing race day to chase that next PR. It is the perfect execution of a racing shoe with a dash of stability.
8.80 oz. (249 gr.)
130 US$
6 mm
Heel Drop
Jan / 2018
Release Date
Previous model
This is best for advanced level runners that are looking for a shoe to wear on race day, tempo workouts or track night. Ideal for distances up to the half marathon.,

This is best for advanced level runners that are looking for a shoe to wear on race day, tempo workouts or track night. Ideal for distances up to the half marathon.

The New Balance 1500 line has been on my radar for some time. I was stoked to finally get a pair to review as there are not many road racing shoes out there for me since I overpronate.

I was a huge fan of the booty construction of the upper. The sole unit was springy and responsive with just the right amount of support.

New Balance 1500v4 General Info

Now in its 4th edition, the 1500 line from New Balance taps into the over pronator looking for their race day shoe. It offers a snug, comfortable fit with a springy ride.

It being a racing shoe means it is aiming at a niche market, but it is certainly one of New Balance’s flagships. Competition includes Saucony’s Fastswitch, ASICS DS Racer and Adidas Adizero Tempo shoes.

Unboxing, I was nearly blinded by how white these shoes were. I knew they would certainly offer contrast to my mostly black running wardrobe! They looked sleek and felt light.

New Balance 1500v4 - Lateral Side

New Balance 1500v4 – Lateral Side

Lacing up, they fit like a glove. I knew these were going to be fast and fun.

New Balance 1500v4 Sole Unit

The first thing that sticks out is the tread pattern. Lugs are strategically placed around landing and lift off zones. The look is reminiscent of a race car tire tread.

New Balance 1500v4 - Sole

New Balance 1500v4 – Sole

This translated into superior grip and control. Having to test these in the winter months meant a lot of time I was running through ice and they performed exceptionally well.

Revlite foam is present throughout. It is a compound that New Balance boasts is lighter but is just as durable as a heavier shoe. The material felt springy and light but it stayed durable throughout my testing.

To provide support, there is a firm medial post and TPU shank that New balance has dubbed their ‘T Beam’. It is unobtrusive and low profile but still gave me protection from over pronating.

A 6mm drop rounded out the construction of the sole by just slightly pushing me forward.

The ride of the shoe had me landing on my forefoot and lifting off with the balls of my feet. On impact my feet felt very close to the ground, but it did not hurt thanks to the foam compound.

I have not run in the previous version of these shoes but the sole is nearly identical to last year’s.

New Balance 1500v4 Upper Info

The upper material is a lightweight, flexible, synthetic no sew mesh called Fantom Fit. It is one singular breathable unit. It wrapped to my foot like a glove. I felt no hot spots in these at all.

New Balance 1500v4 - Medial Side

New Balance 1500v4 – Medial Side

The tongue is thin but mostly attached giving a booty like feel. When dealing with shoes with paper thin tongues, this is the gold standard.

I could lace these as tight as I wanted without worrying about the tongue ever folding into itself and the laces cutting into the top of my feet.

The heel has some reinforcement but not a lot. It still cupped my heel in and never came loose. A nice touch is a reflective strip on the heel with a loop on the top to get the shoe on fast.

The toe box is snug but stretched out over time. My experience in New Balance shoes is that they usually run big but the fit was true to size since it’s an up tempo shoe. If this bothers you, definitely buy half a size up or get it wider.

While the mesh is durable, it is definitely NOT weather proof. One of my last runs in these was in a rain storm and my feet were drenched after running through just a few puddles.

They at least dried quite quick!

New Balance 1500v4 Conclusions

New Balance boasts that these shoes can go up to a marathon, but I would stick to half marathon and under in these. This is mostly due to the fact that I am a larger clydesdale runner and my body can only handle racing flats up to about 14 or 15 miles.

New Balance 1500v4 - Heel

New Balance 1500v4 – Heel

These were a lot of fun to run in and it is shoes like this that make New Balance one of my favorite running brands.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to race in them, but it lined up nicely with my training cycle to try and qualify for Boston this Spring.

My tempo workouts were fast in these and I didn’t feel as winded as I usually do at the end. I was able to go hard with a fraction of the effort. Being able to stay up front with the fastest people in your running club (comfortably I might add!) always feels good.

If you’re looking to PR, you need these in your rotation!

We purchased a pair of New Balance 1500v4 from runningwarehouse using our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

New Balance 1500v4 Price Comparison

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