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Review written on 28th March by Jim Coulson Fast Road and Trail Runner. Career Firefighter.
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Asics EvoRide 3 Verdict

The EvoRide 3 is a wonderful update to Asics smooth gliding uptempo daily trainer. The improved light and responsive ride make this a wonderfully versatile shoe that works well as a daily trainer but caters to the inner speedster needing a quick and nimble shoe for uptempo efforts. The 3 is great value for the budget conscious definitely giving runners the most bang for their buck.

The pros

  • Lighter that previous versions.
  • Comfortable airy upper.
  • More responsive less firm ride.
  • Durable outsole

The cons

  • Toe box is a touch narrow

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Rating breakdown

Build quality
Sole unit
Value / Price

Facts / Specs

EvoRide 3
Previous model
7.4 oz (210 g)

Heel drop
5 mm.
Carbon plate
No plate


True to size
Heel fit
Midfoot fit
Toebox fit

Cushioning & ride

Type of cushioning
Amount of cushioning
Medium cushioning
Some stability


Daily training  
Long distance racing
Ultra distance racing

Who should buy the Asics EvoRide 3 ?

Road runners who want a light weight daily trainer for middle distance training, and are well suited for uptempo runs also.

Who should not buy the Asics EvoRide 3 ?

Runners seeking a soft well cushioned shoe for daily higher mileage.

Asics EvoRide 3 Introduction

Picture of ASICS EvoRide 3

The EvoRide returns and it continues to get better.

The newest installment comes in lighter than before, under 8 oz., and with a softer mesh upper.

The 3 continues to be a firmer lightweight daily trainer but with a less harsh ride than before.

The rocker design and FlyteFoam midsole toes the line of both a daily trainer and uptempo/ longer racing shoe.

The 3 maintains many fit and feel qualities of the previous versions but has enhanced them creating a more comfortable and snappy daily trainer.

Asics EvoRide 3 First Impressions

I had the pleasure of reviewing the first version of the EvoRide and was quite impressed, but with any first version of a shoe, they certainly had some areas to improve upon.

Fast forward to the EvoRide 3 which after unboxing to my surprise initially looked as if they hadn’t really changed.

That first impression quickly changed after picking up and placing the shoes on my feet for the first time. The difference in weight was the first thing that I immediately noticed.

The shoes were incredibly light, airy, more sculpted, and had dropped that fat beefy tongue. The EvoRide 3 still had the same clean roll that I remembered but on my first run felt more forgiving and less firm that seemed to improve as my pace climbed.

Asics EvoRide 3 Upper

Picture of ASICS EvoRide 3

The fit of the EvoRide 3 is unique. Unique from the stand point that like the sole unit it falls somewhere in between the plush upper of a daily trainer and a snug performance fit.

The engineered mesh is soft, highly breathable and less dense than I remember. The material is pliable but wrapped my foot snug particularly through the mid-foot which requires only the use of simple overlays for reinforcement.

The tongue is thin and only slightly padded, a welcome change from the previous versions which were a bit much in my opinion. The tongue is still ungusseted but did not migrate at anytime for me so may not be an issue as in the past.

The heel has a moderately stiff counter with an adequate amount of cushioning present that provides good structure and lockdown without irritation. Some runners have reported heel slippage or a floaty feeling but has not been the case on any runs thus far.

My only complaint is that the toe box continues to be slightly narrow but not to the point where my toes felt cramped.

Asics EvoRide 3 Sole Unit

Picture of ASICS EvoRide 3

The soul of the EvoRide 3 is the sole. The rocker shape and heel bevel geometry continue to give this shoe an awesomely smooth ride. The forward roll behaves well at steady or fast paces but slightly awkward when going slower.

Just like the first version I found that my pace would accidentally evolve into a tempo run more often than not.

Having run in the first version I found the ride of the 3 still firm but less harsh than the first version with a bit more resiliency which is interesting as both use the same single-density FlyteFoam.

It seems, at least to me, that with the slightly softer ride the roll and toe spring is less exaggerated but a fair trade-off in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong there is still plenty toe spring there that propelled me forward especially as I picked up the pace and increased my forward lean. The Stack height of the shoe provided enough cushioning for most efforts but not enough to make it a consistent higher mileage shoe like the Nimbus Lite or GlideRide.

The outsole works harmoniously with the midsole providing reliable consistent traction on the road. The coverage is good around the perimeter of the shoe with the forefoot being almost entirely covered in rubber. After about 40 miles mine show little signs of wear so durability shouldn’t be a problem and am confident saying that they should carry most any runner for 300(ish) miles.

Asics EvoRide 3 Conclusions

Picture of ASICS EvoRide 3

The EvoRide continues to check a lot of boxes for me making it a standout daily trainer.

I think that some of the things that I love about it are what this shoe is not. It is not a plated shoe, it’s not a high stack height shoe, and it doesn’t use any performance foams like those found in super shoes.

Don’t get me wrong I love a super shoe just as much as the next runner but sometimes it’s refreshing to put on a shoe that relies more on your body to put in an honest effort which is what the EvoRide 3 does.

I still stand behind my original review of the first shoe that the EvoRide falls squarely between a speed and daily trainer and a solid choice for a runner looking for that one shoe quiver for tempo training and marathon or half marathon Race day.

The EvoRide 3 has no major flaws its comfortable, secure, and durable and the smooth and snappy ride make it a fun shoe to run in.

How does the EvoRide 3 compare?

Asics Magic Speed 2
Asics EvoRide 3
Saucony Axon 2
Expert score
User score
Best price
Retail price
8.10 oz
7.4 oz
9.6 oz
Heel Drop
7 mm
5 mm
4 mm
Recommended for
Racing, speedwork
Speedwork, daily training
Daily training
Cushioning type
Cushioning amount
Highly cushioned
Medium cushioning
Highly cushioned
some stability
some stability
not particularly stable
buy half size bigger
true to size
true to size

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Reviewed by Jim

This review was written by Jim Coulson on 28th March.
Jim Coulson is a career firefighter, husband, and father of two children hailing from the foothills of Colorado. Jim has been an avid road and trail runner since the age of 12, and loves to race locally and around the state a much as possible. A native Coloradoan Jim enjoys its trails, mountains, and outdoors taking advantage of all they have to offer as much as possible.

User feedback (3)

  • avatar-comment-1025922
    1 year ago
    7 score

    I don’t know how anyone can say these shoes provide good traction. On wet pavement, they are so slippery that any type of faster training is completely out of the question. Probably the most slippery shoes I’ve ever had in the rain, even worse than the Saucony Endorphin Speed and Pro. Something like the Magic Speed provides much better grip and it makes sense when you compare the amount of rubber on the soles between these models.

    • avatar-comment-1032385
      Leo Shafai
      9 months ago

      I think this points out a good issue to solve, being the type of grip if often inversely proportional to another. Something with deep grooves has less surface area on a hard flat surface, while something that is flat slides is mud or snow. In this case the slightly textured mostly flat surface is very weak to being on water- I notice the same thing on mice or keyboard caps which have this when my fingers get sweaty.

      It would be of benefit to have 2 different trackion ratings.

  • avatar-comment-1023701
    1 year ago
    10 score

    I’d recommend getting the Tri-Noosa 14 over this…as it’s exactly the same shoe as this but with a better upper!

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