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Review written on 28th March by Brandon Law Marathon Runner and Shoe Expert
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Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 Verdict

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25 is a maximalist, highly cushioned trainer with a gentle rocker. It’s not the softest max-cushioned trainer on the market nor is it the most energetic but it’s still a supremely comfortable trainer (as long as you size up or get the wide version because it has a very narrow toe box). Version 25 uses the brand new FF Blast+ Eco midsole foam. It feels firmer than the Nimbus 24 but it has more cushioning and stability thanks to the increase in midsole stack height and width. The redesigned outsole results in smoother transitions and better durability.

The pros

  • Mild rocker geometry
  • Improved durability
  • Increased stability
  • More cushioning
  • Smoother ride

The cons

  • Narrow toe box
  • Firmer ride

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Rating breakdown

Build quality
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Facts / Specs

Gel-Nimbus 25
Previous model
10.2 oz (289 g)

40.5 mm.
32.5 mm.
Heel drop
8 mm.
Carbon plate
No plate


Buy half size bigger
Heel fit
Midfoot fit
Toebox fit

Cushioning & ride

Type of cushioning
Amount of cushioning
Highly cushioned
Very stable


Daily training  
Long distance racing  
Ultra distance racing

Who should buy the Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 ?

If you’re a runner who doesn’t like a lot of ground feel and you want a stable, plush ride, the Nimbus 25 is perfect for you. It excels at short to middle distance, slow runs.

Who should not buy the Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 ?

If you need a wide toe box, the Nimbus 25 is not the shoe for you. If you like flexible, super soft max-cushioned trainers, the Nimbus 25 is also not for you.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 Introduction

If it doesn’t have any visible gel, is it still a Gel-Nimbus? Gel used to be the Nimbus’ main, standout feature but over the years, the Nimbus series has reduced its gel content more and more, to the point where the Nimbus 25 now only has a small, hidden gel unit in the heel.

This is a sign that ASICS is progressive- willing to let go of the past and focus on other functional features that add value to the shoe. Gel doesn’t make a big difference to the ride and most of the cushioning softness comes from the midsole foam anyway. Perhaps the Nimbus 26 won’t have any gel at all? The ASICS Novablast doesn’t have any gel and it sells like hotcakes.

The Nimbus is a shoe that I look forward to every year because it gets a complete (midsole, outsole and upper) redesign every year, unlike most trainers which get upper-only updates every second year.

I tested the Nimbus 24 last year and I loved how soft yet energetic its ride felt. It was the softest Nimbus I had tried to date and also the most versatile. The things that I didn’t like about it were its midsole that was susceptible to cuts and its super narrow toe box but it was still my favourite Nimbus to date.

2023’s Nimbus refresh has a brand new, never before seen midsole foam in FF Blast+ Eco. Its midsole is much thicker than any previous Nimbus- so thick that it’s now above the 40 mm World Athletics racing limit.

It weighs 10.3 oz for a men’s US 9 which is almost exactly the same as last year’s version, only 0.1 oz (3 g) heavier. The price remains 160 USD which is the average price for max-cushioned trainers.

This is the Platinum colourway which has an accentuated silver finish that sparkles in the sunlight.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 First Impressions

Picture of ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25

When I saw pictures of the all-white Nimbus 25 with no logos (which was a clever marketing stunt), the midsole looked so thick that I thought it was the new Metaspeed Sky 2.

The first time I tried the Nimbus 25 in my regular size in the store, the toe box felt way too narrow and uncomfortable so I had to purchase it a half size bigger.

My first run was a long, slow 30 km easy run. The ride of the Nimbus 25 felt firmer than last year’s Nimbus but the cushioning level felt higher and more substantial. I also noticed that ride transitions felt smoother than in any previous Nimbus.

I felt some upper discomfort inside, at the midfoot during the first 15 km but after some lace adjustment, it didn’t bother me anymore. I was glad that I went up a half size because the fit was perfect with just enough toe-splay space in the toe box.

The shoe that it reminded me of most was the GlideRide 3 but landings felt softer and more padded in the Nimbus 25. Both shoes felt like long-distance cruisers with bottomless cushioning.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 Upper

Picture of ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25

The Nimbus 25 has a brand new, engineered, knit mesh upper. It feels smooth, soft to the touch and it stretches so it conforms to your feet. It has a similar, flat, knitted tongue to the Nimbus 24 but now the tongue doesn’t feel out of place because the rest of the upper is also knitted.

To me, it still feels weird having a flat tongue on a max-cushioned trainer- I prefer thick, padded tongues which make the upper feel more plush.

I feel that ASICS got the fit of the Nimbus 25 wrong again. The toe box feels way too narrow and doesn’t leave any room for your toes to splay so you have to go a half size up from your regular size or get the wide version.

In a half size up, the upper is extremely comfortable with excellent foot lockdown. The padded collar has generous padding and an internal heel counter ensures there is adequate support in the rear of the shoe.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 Sole Unit

Picture of ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25

The Nimbus 25’s new midsole makes it more of a true max-cushioned trainer for easy and recovery days. The new FF Blast+ Eco feels noticeably denser and less bouncy so the result is a shoe that’s not as versatile as its predecessor.

When standing and walking around, the Nimbus 25 feels soft and squishy in the forefoot but when you run in it, it feels firmer.

My favourite type of run using the Nimbus 25 for is short or middle-distance, slow runs above 5 minutes 30 per km (8 minutes 52 per mile) average pace. Anything faster or longer, and I find it not energetic or responsive enough.

The older FF Blast+ foam in the Nimbus 24 had more energy return than FF Blast+ Eco but the advantage of the newer foam is that it’s lighter so they can cram more stack height into the Nimbus 25 and keep it at the same weight.

There’s an additional 5 mm in the heel, and an additional 7 mm in the forefoot so the Nimbus 25 doesn’t bottom out. Some runners complained of the Nimbus 24 midsole bottoming out but I’m a light runner, so I didn’t have that problem.

The drop is now 8 mm compared to 10 mm in the Nimbus 24 but I didn’t notice a significant difference. The women’s version has changed significantly from 13 mm to also 8 mm so women coming from the Nimbus 24 are more likely to notice a difference.

With the extra 7 mm of stack height in the forefoot, the Nimbus 25 has a stiffer forefoot which doesn’t flex as much. The stiffer forefoot allows the rocker to work much more effectively so you get a rockered ride, similar to trainers like the Hoka Clifton and ASICS Superblast.

Picture of ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25

The Nimbus 25’s base is so wide and stable that it doesn’t need a midfoot plastic Trusstic shank anymore. This is one of the big differences between this year’s version and all previous versions- I don’t miss the plastic shank at all.

There’s now a silicone-based Pure gel pad directly under the heel in the Nimbus 25 and there’s no longer a forefoot, coin-sized gel unit. In previous versions, the gel was situated along the sides of the heel with a small gel unit in the front. While I can’t say that I feel the gel in the heel of the Nimbus 25, I do believe that it offers some shock absorption upon impact.

The redesigned outsole has soft ASICS Lite rubber on the forefoot and AHAR (high abrasion rubber) on the heel. There is a lot of exposed midsole foam in the midfoot area but this firmer variant of FF Blast+ is tougher so it doesn’t get cut into by stones and other sharp objects on the road like the Nimbus 24.

Durability has been impressive so far and I haven’t noticed a substantial amount of wear on the rubber. The Nimbus 25 has above average outsole durability. The outsole has a flatter design and is now full ground contact so ride transitions are the smoothest of any Nimbus to date.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 Conclusions

Picture of ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25

It’s impressive that ASICS managed to add so much extra stack height to the Nimbus 25 yet it’s almost the same weight as the Nimbus 24. This is every brand’s dream when it comes to their max-cushioned trainer. They also managed to keep it at $160 this year.

As a result of the added foam and width, the Nimbus 25 feels clunkier and not as agile as the Nimbus 24 so it’s harder to pick up the pace in it- it’s not as versatile as its predecessor. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because this is ASICS’ max-cushioned trainer for slow, easy mileage only.

I admire ASICS for taking such a big risk, making so many changes to one of their most popular trainers. We often see brands making really minimal changes (to their popular trainers) from iteration to iteration because they are scared of losing customers; the Ghost, Clifton and Pegasus come to mind.

I think ASICS needs to improve the FF Blast+ Eco midsole. It’s impressively light but it lacks the bounce, energy return and excitement that you get from other modern super foams. They also need to fix the narrow toe box so that it’s more comfortable if you go true to size.

Picture of ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25

I do miss the super soft FF Blast+ midsole of the Nimbus 24 but the Nimbus 25’s stiffer forefoot and firmer ride provide more efficient rockered transitions. The Nimbus 25 also has a smoother ride with improved outsole durability so I think it’s an improvement over the Nimbus 24.

Lastly, the Gel-Nimbus 25 without any visible gel doesn’t look like a traditional Nimbus anymore but I’m totally fine with that.

How does the Gel-Nimbus 25 compare?

Adidas Adizero SL
Asics Gel-Nimbus 25
New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v12
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Best price
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8.5 oz
10.2 oz
10.3 oz
Heel Drop
8 mm
8 mm
8 mm
Recommended for
Racing, speedwork, daily training, long distance racing
Daily training, long distance racing
Daily training
Cushioning type
Cushioning amount
Highly cushioned
Highly cushioned
Highly cushioned
some stability
very stable
not particularly stable
true to size
buy half size bigger
true to size

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Reviewed by Brandon

This review was written by Brandon Law on 28th March.
Brandon is a South African who lives and trains in Malaysia. He is a marathon runner who eats, sleeps and dreams running shoes. While most people wear shoes to run, he runs to wear shoes.

User feedback (17)

  • avatar-comment-1036337
    Mark Out Running
    3 months ago
    8 score

    just bought my 2nd pair, running them outside and on the treadmill, At 1st, I found them very very soft ( lots of cushion in the heal and mid sole ) I got used to them. I changed the lacing pattern to make my foot feel better, and they feel GREAT. I might have put a little too much mileage on them as I ran the last pair through the fall and winter, but they held up well ( I never buy new shoes in the winter ) . Great Shoe, might be my new go to shoe ( if they do not DIS CONTINUE THEM AHEM Asics )

  • avatar-comment-1032740
    Tom M
    8 months ago
    8 score

    Admittedly, this is my first pair of real running shoes as I get back into it for the first time in about a decade, so I have limited context. That being said, they are very comfortable and I’ve really enjoyed them. The traction isn’t the best if the road or sidewalk is even a little wet, but fine in normal conditions. I agree with the lack of responsiveness too, they’re definitely not designed for setting records. I’d say they’re worth it

  • avatar-comment-1032147
    9 months ago

    I currently own glideride 3 / 9.5
    You mentioned it’s similar to that shoe .
    Would you wear a size 10 in this shoe ?

  • avatar-comment-1031415
    10 months ago
    10 score

    Great shoes. Super comfy and I love them. My favorite long distance shoes that I own.

  • avatar-comment-1030084
    Adrian G
    11 months ago
    9 score

    I bought the Nimbus 25 recently and have logged about 100km in them. Reckon these are great. I previously had the New Balance 1080 v10 and v11 and these are similar. Tried the new 1080 v12 on in the shop and they were weird. Nimbus 25 would suit anyone who likes the cush and ride of the 1080s. Going good.

    • avatar-comment-1034978
      Peter R.
      5 months ago
      10 score

      Very well sir, Thanks for your comment, i am in love with the 1080V12 plush ride, if these are in the same line, i will certainly enjoy them, will give them a try for sure…By the way Nike react run have a more responsive ride than the 1080’s and super breathable, no need to break them in at all, Highly recommended too!

  • avatar-comment-1028744
    1 year ago
    8 score

    The Nimbus 24 were as good as it gets as far as comfort and response, as well as stability go, i do love the 25s as well, but not as much as the 24s, also have the Kayano 29s and they also feel great . But all 3 give a complete different ride, i cant compare, i just enjoy the differences each have, if I had to keep just 1, it would be the Nimbus 24. It covers all the bases.

  • avatar-comment-1028356
    1 year ago

    Anyone else get hotspots in these? I haven’t had hotspots in any other runners, spanning different brands over 6 forefoot in both gets hot almost immediately,any ideas?

  • avatar-comment-1028012
    1 year ago
    8 score

    Sizing up is unnecessary, this is actually slightly longer and wider than the Nimbus 24 so that would literally be a big mistake. I prefer the sock like feel of the Nimbus 24 – with the 25 it needs tighter lacing to bring the foot back and avoid heel slippage and it travels a little better that way. Overall feel on the track is a bit vague, but still a very good shoe,

  • avatar-comment-1027855
    1 year ago
    1 score

    I have been using Asics-Nimbus for many years as I have plantar fasciitis. Had starting using the latest 25 model and immediately after my first walk my heels started paining. I tried them a couple of times but the shoe is causing heel pain. The new version is not good for plantar-fasciitis.

  • avatar-comment-1026963
    1 year ago
    1 score

    I’ve been wearing Nimbus for over 20 years, and cannot wear/tolerate the Nimbus 25. It rocks my feet and joints in very uncomfortable ways. Trying to stock up on Nimbus 23 and hoping Asics brings back the old version.

  • avatar-comment-1025472
    1 year ago
    2 score

    I found that my normal size in the nimbus 24 (9.5) does not work in the 25 I have major heel slippage. I tried the 9 on but it’s was very tight. It’s a shame they named this a nimbus because it really isn’t.

  • avatar-comment-1025409
    1 year ago

    I had to return mine. The fit was fine, true to size, I know issues with the toe box. But definitely not the springiness of the 24’s. I just ordered a couple of 24’s to last me for a while. The 25s are also not nearly as breathable as the 24’s. And as I mentioned, while not as bouncy, or springy is the 24’s, during treadmill running, they also bothered my knees. So I guess I’m kind of glad to find out that I can continue with the 24’s, had a much discounted price now.

  • avatar-comment-1025269
    1 year ago
    8 score

    you should have reviewed the wide version which is available now on the Asics site. Search for WIDE Gel Nimbus 25. Buyers should not go up a size for width its an unecessary compromise. Just support companies that work wide shoes into their business model. I wear a Nike 9.5 for the Invincible 2 as a recovery shoe. My sizing equivalent was the Wide Gel Nimbus 25 in 9.

    • avatar-comment-1029741
      12 months ago

      While I’ve always worn 4e shoes because of very wide feet, the wide version of Nimbus 25 is very comfortable, and I don’t find the toe box narrow at all

  • avatar-comment-1025210
    1 year ago

    What sock would your recommend, I love running in this shoe but find that my feet get very hot. It is Summer in South Africa so the temperatures are higher at the moment so this should be a problem when it starts to cool down in a month or two.

    • avatar-comment-1028883
      1 year ago

      it seems to give a hot spot – i just bought and did a 5 mile run in india hot summer it is indeed becoming hot below

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