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The Brooks Glycerin 10 is a great, highly cushioned shoe for neutral runners looking for a plush shoe, while still maintaining a smooth ride. While the price is a bit on the high side, the Glycerin 10 is incredibly durable, standing up well to the miles.
Glycerin 10
11.8 oz (Men’s); 9.6 oz (Women’s) oz. (335 gr.)
140.00 US$
Previous model
Neutral runners looking for a plush, very cushioned ride.

Brooks Glycerin 10 General Info

The Glycerin 10 is Brooks’ premium offering, and is packed with cushioning to provide the smoothest ride possible. While the overall look of the shoe has gone through a major overhaul, the key features remain quite similar to previous versions, so longtime wearers should expect a smooth transition when upgrading to the latest edition.

The changes for the Glycerin 10 are meant to increase flexibility and cushioning to create a smoother ride and heel to toe transition, while maintaining the fit of previous versions. In all, the Glycerin 10 is a great shoe for runners looking the maximum cushioning without sacrificing flexibility or a smooth ride.

Brooks Glycerin 10 Impressions

I was a bit wary of the Glycerin 10 initially, thinking that they would be far too clunky and heavy for my taste. While the weight difference between the Glycerin 10 (almost a full ounce heavier than my current go-to shoes, the Ghost 5) was noticeable on the first few runs, the Glycerin 10 grew on me, and I found myself reaching for them on recovery run days more frequently.

One of my initial concerns was the amount of cushioning, and I assumed that I wouldn’t be able to feel the ground beneath me, but the Glycerin 10 still allowed me to feel some contact with the ground. Though they may not be the most responsive shoes, they’re a solid choice for runners whose primary concern is cushion and comfort. For me, the weight was definitely an issue on long runs, but I loved that the feel was reminiscent of the Brooks Ghost.

Brooks Glycerin 10 Sole Unit

The Glycerin 10 is designed for comfort, and much of this comes from the features in the sole unit, which has been created to provide maximum cushioning while still allowing the runner to feel some connection with the road. As in the previous two models, the midsole features Brooks’ DNA cushioning throughout, which absorbs shock while allowing for a more responsive and flexible sole. Like several other recent Brooks models, the crash pad has been elongated to make the Glycerin 10 a bit friendlier to midfoot strikers.

The caterpillar crash pad, which is constructed of rubber with deep grooves, not only absorbs shock, but also creates a more flexible sole. The sole unit is rounded out by a plastic shank, called a DRB Accel, and is intended to provide additional support for pronation issues. In previous versions, the plastic shank extended across the middle of the shoe, but was shorted to only over the inner half to allow for better ground contact and make room for additional cushioning. This change does mean that there is slightly less support in the Glycerin 10, so heavy pronators may want to give these a solid test run to ensure that they are providing enough support.

Brooks Glycerin 10 Upper Unit

As a premium shoe, the Glycerin 10 is designed for comfort, and this is evident throughout the upper unit. Constructed mostly of mesh overlays, the upper is extremely breathable and smooth. The key feature of the upper is the arch saddle, which conforms to each runner’s foot and results in a snug, comfortable fit. Adding to the feeling of a customized fit is the plastic overlay along the laces, which makes it easier to adjust them as needed for a perfect fit. Switching between thinner compression socks, and much more plush and padded pairs, I found this to be a great advantage, and would love to see this element spread to other shoes in the Brooks line.

Overall, the upper was exceptionally smooth, and it was easy to adjust tightness quickly, and as a result heel slipping, blisters, and chaffing were never an issue.

Brooks Glycerin 10 Opinion

After adjusting to a heavier, more cushioned shoe, the Glycerin 10 really started to grow on me, and I found myself reaching for them over and over again.

While they are a bit too heavy for my everyday runs and track workouts, they were a fantastic option for me for days when I was looking for a bit more cushion without sacrificing a smooth ride.

While a bit on the pricy side, the Glycerin 10 is incredibly durable, standing up well to the abuse that I put them through—taking them through the rain, mud, and pavement—and are still holding strong.

We thank the nice people at Brooks for sending us a pair of Glycerin 10 to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Brooks Glycerin 10 Price Comparison

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