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  • Gender engineering provides specific fits for male and female models
  • Infinity Wave gives faster energy transition and cushioning


  • Lack of flexibility in Forefoot
  • Rigidity of Wave Plate from side to side


Fans of the Wave Creation 14 have little to fear when it comes to changes in the newest model. The evolved form gives cushioning and responsiveness to this lightweight trainer, while retaining the key characteristics that keep the shoe a favorite along the Mizuno line.
Wave Creation 15
9.2 oz. (261 gr.)
160 US$
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Neutral Runners, Everyday Training, Fans of the Wave Creation Model

Mizuno Wave Creation 15 First Impression:

Upon receiving the Cerise/Lime Punch/Sugar Coral version I was taken aback by the unique design. I loved the all over tie dye print. The innovative design on the upper uses the Japanese shibori cloth-dyeing technique, which is something not commonly used in the market. The Wave Creation 15 is extremely light weight, and an ideal conformed fit for neutral runners.

Using its reknowned and redesigned Infinity Wave Plate, the model offers cushioning and support. Upon trying on the shoes, I noticed how extremely comfortable they were. The lining is soft, while the tongue is cushioned for a more comfortable fit on the upper.

Mizuno Wave Creation 15 Upper:

Much like the Wave Creation 14, the Upper is extremely light and breathable. I liked the cloth dye design, and received many compliments while wearing the shoes. They definitely stand out in the crowd!

The strategically placed synthetic overlays offer minimalist support. I liked the flexibility of the upper. The collar and tongue are extremely plush, which is welcomed cushioning to a neutral shoe. The fabric lining and removable sock liner is extremely soft, and also helps those pesky socks stay in place.

Unfortunately, the upper does not provide relief against the elements, and the material absorbed the water from the rain. However, the material did not stretch after becoming wet and still running in them. Once dried, they maintained their form.

Mizuno Wave Creation 15 Sole Unit:

It’s most recognizable feature is the redesigned Infinity Wave Plate located in the heel. This two tiered Wave plate is shaped in a horizontal “figure 8” pattern, and replaces common midsole foam. The large cavities in the pattern offer vertical deflection, cushioning, and responsiveness.

I would not recommend these shoes to run trails in, as rocks and mud became stuck in the open cavities of the Wave Plate. On an open, flat surface I liked the energy shift from the Wave Plate. The Mizuno Wave Technology® reduces force by transitioning impact energy throughout the whole entire foot. It gave more bounce in my stride and was extremely responsive.

This technology promises a smoother run and reduces potential hot spots. Mizuno also offers gender specific engineering. The models are tailored to the needs of each gender, thus providing maximum performance.

Like the Mizuno Wave Creation 14, I noticed that the model is still rigid from side to side. As one who has lower arches, the rigidity of the model caused some soreness in the midfoot after a while. During long runs, I had to stop a few times to flex my feet and roll my ankles to provide relief.

For the neutral to underpronator, this stiff form will be welcomed discipline. Mizuno running shoes have a wide reputation of having a stiff heel. This softens the blow for heel strikers and adds to the responsiveness of the shoe.

The Wave Creation 15 is all about added comfort, without adding weight to the model. The Dynamotion Fit™ surrounds the foot for a secure and conforming fit. It increases comfort by reducing foot chafing on the upper. An updated heel counter offers a more custom and secure fit. A molded foam insole gives underfoot cushioning and support.

Like most of the new models in the Mizuno Line, the Wave Creation 15 uses U4iC midsole to this model that replaces standard AP+ midsole material. With that in mind, it weighs 30% less than the prior technology, while still providing shock absorption and a durable midsole. In other words, it gets the job done while weighing in at a staggering half an ounce less than the Wave Creation 14.

The durability of the material enhances the energy transition, thus adding to the smoothness of the ride. I didn’t notice a difference between the materials, but I noticed how extremely light weight the model was.

Another Mizuno recognizable feature is the SmoothRide technology in the outsole. This helps to improve the energy transition from heel to toe, while cradling your foot to improve a more fluid movement. Your foot’s gait cycle is the time from one heel strike to the next heel strike.

If we accelerate or decelerate during our gait cycle, our strides become less fluid. The SmoothRide technology minimizes the impact and helps minimize and smooth the transition during the gait cycle. My runs felt more efficient and smoother due to the fluidity of motion by the SmoothRide technology.

The Carbon Rubber Outsole delivers aggressive resistance. Consisting of an X10™ carbon rubber compound, it provides traction at heel strike and delivers maximum durability along high-impact zones.Hard black top or cement surfaces may cause wear on your feet after a prolonged impact. The Rubber Outsole protected my foot and still maintained its durability.

Mizuno Wave Creation 15 Opinion:

Fans of the Wave Creation 14 have little to fear when it comes to changes in the newest model. The evolved form gives cushioning and responsiveness to this lightweight trainer, while retaining the key characteristics that keep the shoe a favorite along the Mizuno line.

Adding lighter weighted materials to enhance a neutral shoe and offer a semi soft ride, this shoe provides an efficient run and is a great for an everyday trainer. A molded foam insole, Dynamotion Fit technologies, and the Infinity Wave all offer light cushioning, which provides a perfect harmony of cushioning and support.

Due to the rigidity of the Wave Plate, I would not suggest this shoe for those with low arches or who overpronate. This caused soreness and resulted in me having to stretch and stop a few times on long runs. Overall, this is a great shoe for those who love the prior Wave Creation versions, or for neutral runners who want a good everyday training shoe.

We thank the nice people at Mizuno for sending us a pair of Wave Creation 15 to test. This did not influence the outcome of the review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Mizuno Wave Creation 15 Price Comparison

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