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The Stinson ATR 4 is built for long days on the trail. It provides an extremely soft and smooth ride on both smooth trails and roads.
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Stinson ATR 4
11.80 oz. (335 gr.)
160 US$
5 mm
Heel Drop
Previous model
This shoe is for runners looking for maximum cushioning trail shoe that don’t mind a little extra weight.

The Stinson ATR 4 is the newest version of the Hoka One One Stinson model. The ATR stands for all terrain which means its built for whatever surface you want to run on.

The Stinson ATR 4 was built on a wider last this year with more room in the forefoot and toe area than in previous versions.

This is a maximum cushioning shoe with a stack height of 32mm in the forefoot and 37mm in the heel giving it a heel to toe offset of 5mm. It weighs in at 11.8oz which is based off of a Mens US size 9.

Hoka One One Stinson ATR 4 - Lateral Side

Hoka One One Stinson ATR 4 – Lateral Side

There are a variety of technologies utilized in this shoe including speedframe construction in the upper, reinforced open mesh, late stage meta-rocker technology and a high volume CMEVA midsole. The outsole features 4mm lugs and a popular design.

I have had the opportunity to test a variety of the Hoka One One models and am an avid user of max cushioning shoes. The most recent version of the Stinson I’ve run in is the Stinson Lite and the Stinson 3 about 2-3 years ago.

Those were road shoes that I enjoyed running in and logged many miles. This is the first version of the Stinson ATR I have tested.

The first thing I notice while wearing this shoe is the cushioning. The shoe feels extremely soft. The late stage rocker technology is also very noticeable, especially while walking around.

I can already tell that as far as cushioning goes, this is going to be a very soft and comfortable shoe.

Hoka One One Stinson ATR 4 Sole Unit

The midsole of the Stinson ATR4 is an oversized piece of custom molded EVA foam that provides a ride as soft as you will experience in any shoe available on the market today.

Shoes like the Clifton and the Bondi provide a soft ride but the Stinson truly takes it to another level. The late stage meta-rocker technology further enhances the shoes ride.

Late stage meta rocker means that the shoe curls upward closer toward the toe of the shoe. In this case it starts right around where the ball of your foot is.

As your foot strikes the ground you feel the soft plush cushioning absorb the impact and as you continue through toe off, the upward curl of the shoe aids in propelling you forward.

It is not actually propelling you but it is certainly helping you propel yourself. As far as rocker technology goes, a shoe with this much cushioning requires it.

Hoka One One Stinson ATR 4 - Sole

Hoka One One Stinson ATR 4 – Sole

There is not a whole lot of bounce or spring to it but the rocker makes up for it and smooths out the ride. The ride is as smooth and as soft as they come.

The outsole is covered in 4mm lugs positioned close together in the forefoot and around the edges. There is also a thinner area of CMEVA lugs cutout of the midsole acting as part of the outsole.

This shoe works best on smooth groomed trails, such as rail trails and dirt roads. The shoe also provides a really nice ride when running on pavement although this will chew up the rubber lugs of the outsole quickly.

When it comes to gnarly single track the Stinson is not my first choice. This has more to do with the responsiveness and weight than the outsole.

The outsole design is well done and provides great grip but trying to navigate technical trail in an 11.8oz shoe is not always going to be the best option.

If you’re running a long race that has a few technical sections here or there, the shoe will do fine. I found that the more technical the trail, the less I liked using the Stinson ATR 4.

The outsole grips fine but the shoe sometimes lacks the responsiveness that a technical trail demands.

Hoka One One Stinson ATR 4 Upper Info

Hoka One One Stinson ATR 4 - Top

Hoka One One Stinson ATR 4 – Top

The Stinson ATR 4 is constructed out of reinforced open mesh using Hoka One One’s speedframe technology.

There is a small piece of mesh fabric that goes from the tongue of the shoe to the base which holds the tongue of the shoe in place and hugs the midfoot.

The mesh is rugged and durable, but soft enough to provide just the right amount of comfort required. There are no bells and whistles with the mesh or materials used in this upper.

This makes it comfortable enough to run for very long periods, but you don’t get that “wow” factor of an upper that provides a slippery sock like fit.

Without question the best thing about this upper is that its built on a wider last and provides a nice amount of room in the forefoot and toe box.

I have read many comments and concerns about the width of Hoka One One shoes over the past several years. Generally I don’t have an issue with the brands shoes but many consider them to be too narrow.

I strongly believe that this shoe will be much more accommodating to those requiring a little extra toe room. It is slightly wider than any of the Hoka One One models I have run in.

Although fitment usually is not an issue for me with Hoka One One’s shoes, I like the overall shape of this upper personally believe that this new last should be their standard for upper design.

There is a piece of vinyl material (part of the toe guard) about 2cm in width that goes from the tip of the shoes toe to where the lacing system starts.

This piece of fabric aside from looking cheap and low quality is a little too stiff. It goes across the top of the toe area where the shoe flexes due to the late stage meta-rocker midsole.

I had to get used to this piece of material pushing down on the top of my toes while running. It was not enough of a problem to stop me from running and it did improve slightly. Unfortunately it never disappeared.

In addition, the weight of the shoe required me to use the heel lock lacing technique to secure my foot in place. Without locking down the heel the shoe did not feel secure. The upper has held up well so far.

Hoka One One Stinson ATR 4 Conclusions

The Stinson ATR4 provides everything you need for long days on the trail if you’re looking for maximum cushioning. The upper is durable and breathes well while still providing an adequate amount of protection.

Hoka One One Stinson ATR 4 - Medial Side

Hoka One One Stinson ATR 4 – Medial Side

I cannot think of a shoe that I’ve run in that provides a softer and more plush ride than this one. The shoes biggest downfall in my opinion is its weight.

All of that cushioning and durability comes at a price. The weight of the shoe does take some getting used to. I enjoyed running in the shoe on both roads and smooth trails.

Just like any trail shoe on the road, the lugs wear out quickly on pavement. You will experience longer lasting durability when using the ATR 4 strictly as a trail shoe.

We purchased a pair of Hoka ONE ONE Stinson ATR 4 from runningwarehouse using our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Hoka One One Stinson ATR 4 Price Comparison

Sorry - Product not found. Please try RunningWarehouse.Com to check in their assortment.
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