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7/10 on
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  • Sleek look
  • Supportive, breathable upper
  • Durable cushion
  • Stable base resists torsion
  • Price


  • Lower arch than previous
  • Less plush, same weight


The ASICS GT-1000 7 combines a supportive upper with a stable base to deliver a comfortable ride that feels fast. The slimmed-up feel and lower drop will better appeal to neutral runners, yet the structure of the shoe offers the stability users have come to expect.
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GT 1000 7
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9 mm
Heel Drop
Jul / 2018
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Previous model
The new design has a low arch and will appeal to neutral runners to mild overpronators looking for a quality everyday trainer at a low price.

Right out of the box, the sleek new look of GT-1000 7 caught my eye. Breathability of the upper remains the same as that of GT-1000 6, but it is slimmed down and lacks the (mid-grade) padded comfort of its predecessor, offering slightly more upward room in the forefoot.

It’s not as cushioned of a feel, to me an acceptable change if it comes with a decrease in weight. But the 7 is the same weight as the 6. There is also a markedly lower arch in the shoe, and the offset has decreased from 10 to 8mm.

Asics GT 1000 7 General Info

The GT-1000 model is ASICS’ cheaper version in their stability lineup, with Kayano at the top end in materials, cushion, and innovation, and GT-2000, GT-3000, and Gel-Fortitude designed to meet different runner needs.

Immediately noticeable to those familiar with ASICS stability technology is the different look of this shoe’s midfoot structure and a change in heel materials.

The take-away is that the stability function is (surprisingly) unchanged midfoot, with a more firm landing pad in the heel; see the Sole section for details.

Asics GT 1000 7 - Pair

Asics GT 1000 7 – Pair

The drop from heel to toe changed from 10mm to 8mm, giving it a more neutral feel, and the width of the shoe’s base remains the same as the GT-1000 6, which was reduced from the 5.

The 1000’s forefoot is a few millimeters wider than that of GT-2000’s resigned shoe in its sixth edition.

The 1000 fits a slightly wider foot than the 2000 or 3000, with stability coming in the form of a wider base, especially in the toe-off region.

GT-2000 offers support by way of a medium-high arch and a similarly stiff midfoot. GT-3000 boasts the same, with a design suited for narrow feet with bunions.

Ravenna 9 is a competitor that brings a similar low arch, with a more narrow fit and 2mm higher drop. Ravenna has an overall snappier feel, but GT-1000 7 fits a medium-width foot more comfortably.

Those who don’t want to increase length just for the accompanied greater width in a shoe will prefer this ASICS model.

Asics GT 1000 7 Sole Unit

Asics GT 1000 7 - Sole

Asics GT 1000 7 – Sole

Gone are the plastic bars and shank under the arch; in their place is a thermal plastic midfoot unit with a FLYTEFOAM® heel wedge extending into the lateral midfoot and ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR®) extending up under the arch to fill in the void for torsion control.

The midfoot maintains the unbending support of previous versions.

Rearfoot GEL® remains directly under the heel of the shoe (none visible) with a FLYTEFOAM® piece on the lateral heel providing a firm base.

This is the first GT shoe from ASICS to sport (a piece of) their premium midsole material, and I find that it propels a heel strike forward better than the SpEVA®/GEL® combo in the heel of previous versions.

The durable cushion of SpEVA® makes up the rest of the midsole.

ASICS high abrasion rubber AHAR® covers the ground contact surfaces of the sole with the familiar Guidance Line® running through, with a sectioned forefoot providing traction and flexibility.

Asics GT 1000 7 Upper Info

ASICS updated the 1000’s upper, now supporting the foot with a seamless engineered mesh that is thinner in the mid and forefoot areas and presents a fast, modern look.

The shoe maintains a solid heel counter to limit ankle motion, and reflective patches on the back enhance visibility in low light.

The EVA sockliner is thinner than in the 6 but still comfortable.

Asics GT 1000 7 Conclusions

This 7th shoe in the 1000 line from ASICS continues to be a quality shoe at a discount price, but next to the previous version, I’m disappointed by the decrease in arch support and comfort, especially since the shoe is the same weight.

That said, it’s still a quality shoe that brings durable support. You’ll like it if the low arch suits your fancy and the increased toe room makes you smile.

Now more streamlined, this shoe has a more neutral feel but still boasts the supportive midfoot, countered heel, and med-wide forefoot that devotees expect. I’d say that the more firm cushion of the FLYTEFOAM® landing pad is the best update to the shoe.

What do you think of the massive overhaul to GT-1000? Is it thumbs up or thumbs down for you, or, like me, a bit of both?

We purchased a pair of Asics GT 1000 7 from runningwarehouse using our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Asics GT 1000 7 Price Comparison

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