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  • New Tailored Fit
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  • Breathability


The Saucony Omni Iso 2 is phenomenal with moderate stability for a daily trainer. The combination of small but effective changes along with dependable technologies Saucony is known for makes the Omni Iso 2 a reliable everyday trainer.
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Omni Iso 2
11 oz. (312 gr.)
130 US$
8 mm
Heel Drop
Previous model
I would recommend the Saucony Omni Iso 2 to a runner who needs a moderate stability trainer built to take them all the way through training to their next big race.

Saucony Omni Iso 2 Intro

The Omni Iso 2 is the 18th edition of one of Saucony’s stability cornerstones. It is the moderate stability offering from Saucony. It sits in between the Guide and Hurricane in terms of stability offered.

This edition has undergone some small changes in the midsole and upper. I reviewed the Omni Iso 1 last year so, I will be comparing the two models throughout this review.

The Omni Iso 2 competes with the Adidas Solar Glide ST, New Balance 860, Brooks Adrenaline, and the ASICS GT-2000 retailing for $130.

All of these provide comparable stability to Omni Iso 2. They all provide a moderate amount of stability and cushioning.

Saucony Omni Iso 2 First Impressions

Saucony Omni Iso 2 - Pair

Saucony Omni Iso 2 – Pair

The marine/silver colorway and design is unique and makes for a visually compelling shoe. The transition from marine to silver and black in the heel complements each other.

Accents of lime green in the laces and outsole really topped off this well designed shoe. The asymmetrical design of the inner and outer sides of the upper follows a common Saucony pattern.

The logos on the two sides of the shoe are different. This adds another layer of appeal to the shoes. This colorway is bolder and brighter than last year’s Omnis’ I reviewed.

When it comes to Saucony I expected to feel the ideal balance of firmness and plush I have felt in other Saucony trainers. When I slipped the Omni Iso 2 on for the first time they met that expectation.

Saucony Omni Iso 2 - Closeup

Saucony Omni Iso 2 – Closeup

They hugged the contours of my feet without any tightness. I immediately noticed more of a tailored fit in the heel area with this edition.

While I was walking around in them it felt like the ISOFit was improved in this edition. It was more of a snug fit while maintaining flexibility and adaptability.

My first run out of the box was a relaxed 8 miles outside. It was a stable and familiar ride from start to finish.

Saucony Omni Iso 2 Sole Unit

Let’s start from the ground up. The outsole of the Saucony Omni Iso 2 has undergone some changes from the previous version. The outsole tread is more aggressive which translated to better traction on my runs.

Saucony Omni Iso 2 - Sole

Saucony Omni Iso 2 – Sole

I was able to run on many surfaces and it handled all of them. The outsole is comprised of two different colors and materials. The green area is made with IBR+, a lightweight flexible carbon rubber.

The black areas is made with XT-900, a carbon rubber specifically designed for durability. They have placed that material in high wear areas of the sole.

The sole unit of the Omni Iso 2 is comprised of three parts, the midsole, topsole and the insole. Together these three components make up Saucony’s FORMFIT system.

The midsole is made of PWRFOAM, Saucony’s go to midsole material, which has a balanced feel to it. There is a dual density medial post located between the arch and the heel.

The medial post is slightly bigger than the Guides but smaller that the post in the Hurricanes. It provided me with a stable ride every time I laced them up.

An EVERUN topsole sits on top of the midsole and runs from heel to toe. The EVERUN topsole is the true strength of the sole unit. Saucony EVERUN technology is one of the best in cushioning out there.

It gives the shoes a balanced feel of being firm yet plush along with providing your stride with a great deal of energy return. It provided my feet with the same lively bounce no matter what distance or speed I ran in them.

The insole of the Omni Iso 2 is plush which helps with the balanced feel of the sole unit. I put over a hundred miles on these and they feel like they just came out of the box in terms of cushioning.

Saucony Omni Iso 2 Upper Unit

Saucony Omni Iso 2 - Toe

Saucony Omni Iso 2 – Toe

This is the second edition of the Omni with the ISOFit and they have made some small changes which have improved the upper as a whole. Saucony continues to tweak things to improve their ISOFit technology and it shows in the Omni Iso 2.

The fit of the Omni Iso 2 is much more tailored than previous editions, especially in the heel. This is a strength of the upper because it locked my heel in place which added to the stability of the shoe.

The tailored fit continued up into the heel counter as well and that held my ankle in place while I ran.

The improved fit continued through the midfoot. This is because of the ISOFit technology Saucony employs. ISOFit gives the shoe a sock like feel that is both comfortable and adjustable to your feet.

The tweaks in the heel area along with the ISOFit technology made for an extremely comfortable upper. It provides the foot with the right balance of structure, flexibility, durability and comfort.

My only complaint is that the upper is not as breathable as I would have liked.

The double Jacquard mesh is used for the forefoot. This material is durable and flexible and enhances the feel of the shoes. There are no overlays in the forefoot, which means no areas of irritation because of rubbing.

ISOFit is truly one of the biggest strengths of the Omni. These shoes adapted to me as I adapted to them. They adapted to my feet, providing flexibility, durability and comfort on every run I took them on.

Saucony Omni Iso 2 Conclusion

Saucony Omni Iso 2 - Heel

Saucony Omni Iso 2 – Heel

The Omni Iso 2 could get lost in the shuffle of stability offerings from Saucony. Instead of getting lost in the shuffle is stands out from the pack. I reviewed the Omni Iso last summer and gave them a solid review.

In that review I said “On Saucony’s website they claim “We don’t just make improvements, we make the right improvements.” I can honestly say this is the case with the Omni Iso 2.

From the moment you slip them on you notice a slimmer more tailored fit from heel to toe in the Omni Iso 2. This may bother some runners, but for me it provided an ideal fit.

This was aided by the ISOFit technology employed by Saucony which added to the fantastic fit of the Omni. The tailored feel started with the heel and went through the midsole locking my feet securely.

This resulted in added stability and complemented the moderate medial post in the midsole. This combined with the cushioning made for a smooth transition from heel/midfoot to toe off.

Saucony has developed and improved two game changing technologies in the EVERUN topsole cushioning and the ISOFit upper. The EVERUN cushioning is resilient and durable meaning your last mile will feel the same as your first.

The ISOFit technology is one of the best uppers out there. It molds yet is always adapting to your feet while you run.

They work in symphony with one another in the Omni Iso 2 to provide your feet with the best run from start to finish.

There was one small drawback with the Omni Iso 2, breathability. Although the double Jacquard mesh upper were breathable, I would have appreciated more breathability.

There are so many options when it comes to moderate stability trainers out there. In the last year I have reviewed quite a few of the moderate stability offerings out there like the Saucony Guide Iso 2, Hoka One One Arahi 3, and New Balance 860v9.

For me the Saucony Omni Iso 2 would be leading the pack. Every run was cushioned and smooth. My legs felt fresh after running in them every time.

I am currently training for a marathon and they have become my go to for my longer runs. I keep coming back to them after my review mileage. I plan to run my marathon in them in October which speaks to how enjoyable they have been.

The Saucony Omni Iso 2 retail for 130 dollars which places them in the middle of a crowded field in terms of price of a moderate stability trainer.

They are worth the money you will spend on them because of the small and effective changes made in terms of fit and comfort along with the tried and true technologies featured.

Overall, the Saucony Omni Iso 2 is one of the best moderate stability trainer. I loved running in them and knew they were going to be dependable every time I laced them up.

If you are looking for a go to shoe with moderate stability, look no further than the Saucony Omni Iso 2.

We purchased a pair of Saucony Omni Iso 2 from runningwarehouse using our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Saucony Omni Iso 2 Price Comparison

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