Updated: May 28th, 2020
Reebok Launches the Nano X – The Shoe for Crossfit

Launched last year, the Nano 9 was our star performer when it came to training shoes. It was, and still is perfect for runners looking for the most suitable footwear for their gym workouts.

Since testing the Nano 9 we’ve been mega excited about Reebok’s next version. Will it be a big overhaul for the 10th edition? Or will it be a case of ‘it if ain’t broke don’t fix it’?

Here is our review of the new Reebok Nano X !

Those questions have now been somewhat answered with the first pictures of the Nano X. Usually released right before the Crossfit games, we were unsure when the Nano 10 (or as we now know it, the Nano X) would land with all the uncertainty in the world right now, but we have a release date. This is set for May 5th, or April 28th if you’re a Reebok Unlocked member, which you can do easily by signing up on the website.

The Nano 9 really shone as a training shoe due to its durable upper and sole, wide toe box and immediately comfortable fit. It was great for all that a Crossfit workout throws at you, and also suitable for other sorts of gym training, such as high intensity interval training, or strength workouts.

Training shoes like these are great for runners who are looking to do gym workouts to build their strength, or work on cardiovascular fitness and are designed to perform in a way completely different to a running shoe.

A good training shoe will have a low heel to toe drop, wide toe box and little cushioning under the heel. Having a specialist pair of training shoes for days when you’re not running will make your running shoes last longer, and protecting your feet and joints properly when in the gym.

The Nano X is promising ‘to be as versatile as you are’, with an emphasis on flexibility and being ‘runnable’ indicating that this is where some of the changes have been made. We didn’t love running in the Nano 9 because of their lack of cushioning and poor outsole grip, but it was more than suitable for short runs during a workout, and out-performed the Nike Metcon in this area.

There are currently 2 colorways that have been sent out to athletes ahead of the launch, both featuring a white, red and blue sole, with a predominantly black upper for men, and white for women. On the US Reebok website 9 colorways in total are being shown as ‘coming soon’.

At first impression, the Nano X appears less ‘Crossfit’ than all other Nanos. For starters, the word ‘Crossfit’ has been removed from the shoe. Secondly, videos on the Reebok website are much more HIIT focused, and not shot in a Crossfit box. The versatility tag line encompasses this vision too. Could this prove to be a success and more inclusive towards fans of all different types of workout? Or will this turn off hardcore crossfitters who will move to the Nike Metcon or NoBull Trainer?

Looks wise the upper design appears much more similar to the Reebok HIIT training shoe, with the mesh part of the Reebok Vector logo, and redesigned lacing system on the Nano X. The upper material of the Nano X remains the durable Flexweave material we loved in previous Nano iterations, as does the signature wide toe box, although this seems to be a little narrower on the newer X. Could this be another nod to the Nano X being aimed at other types of workout too, requiring dynamic lateral changes in direction?

The dual-density decoupled outsole and metasplit grooves remain the same as the Nano 9, which will be interesting to see if performance-wise they are more “runnable”, as this is where the 9 struggled.

The midsole protection wrap for rope climbs is back, and the new lacing system includes a protective overlay on the lower part of the laces to protect them from harsh ropes too.

The Nano X has something of a retro 90’s feel, with the large Reebok vector and bold colors. Reebok claims the Nano X ‘sweats the detail’ and is ‘the best looking Nano out there’ and I wholeheartedly agree.

Finally a Crossfit training shoe I’d be happy wearing outside of the gym.

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