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  • Perfect harmony of stability, support and cushioning for all types of gym workout
  • Premium upper materials give comfortable support to the foot
  • React foam midsole provides best cushioning and responsiveness I've found in a training shoe
  • Superb looking shoe, great colorways and designs


  • Noisy sole for home workouts


The Nike React Metcon Turbo is my new go-to shoe in the gym.

The training shoe has managed to combine stability, responsiveness and cushioning to be comfortable, stable and something I don’t have to think about whilst working out.

A superb all rounder I struggle to pick a fault in. All whilst keeping the weight down and looking fantastic.
React Metcon Turbo
9 oz. (255 gr.)
150 US$
The React Metcon Turbo is for athletes and runners, training in a gym and looking for a shoe that can handle everything outside of their running training.

If you’re training with barbells, dumbells, or doing any type of plyometric of gymnastics work this is the shoe for you.

Nike React Metcon Turbo Intro

The React Metcon Turbo is a new Metcon training shoe from Nike designed for CrossFit, HIIT workouts and general home and gym training.

Designed ‘superlight to be super quick’ they are a more lightweight and (even more) premium version of the Metcon 6 using Nike’s React foam in the midsole.

They aim for stability and responsiveness to give you the best platform to hit your personal bests, with tons of technology packed in to maximize functionality and durability.

Unique to the React Metcon Turbos, the React foam midsole gives lightweight responsiveness for plyometrics and short runs.

The upper too, is more lightweight, but with a tough mesh to give durability, and features a sole wrap for tough rope-climb workouts.

The outsole is a minimal, dual-density rubber giving a wide base with enough flexibility to move with the foot.

Weighing in at 310g/ 10.9oz for a women’s UK size 6.5, the React Metcon Turbo is exactly the same weight as my Nike Metcon 6, but heavier than the Nano X1 at 275g/ 9.7oz.

On the foot, the weight difference between this and Nano X1 is barely noticeable due to the close fit of the React Metcon Turbo and the comfort and cushioning in the midsole.

Nike React Metcon Turbo First Impressions

Nike React Metcon Turbo

First impressions of the React Metcon Turbo- I was mega impressed. I wasn’t sure what to expect, having trained previously in the Metcon 5, 6 and Reebok Nanos.

I wasn’t totally sure where the React Metcon Turbo would fit, or the exact purpose it was designed for.

The Metcon 6 is aimed primarily at CrossFit, lifting, and high-intensity workouts, with a low, flat, wide heel to create a stable base for weighted exercises.

The React Metcon Turbo is aimed more at ‘stability and responsiveness’ favoring workouts that demand speed and strength. Both have very similar features and benefits, packaged quite differently, so which would come out on top?

Whilst this review isn’t a direct comparison, it’s likely if you’re reading it you’ll end up buying one or the other (spoiler: they’re both great) so I’ll include a few comparisons here and there.

The fit is true to size, and if you’re comparing it to a regular Nike Metcon, go for the same size.

Versus a Reebok Nano I went half a (UK) size up in the React Metcon Turbos and the fit feels the same in length and a little narrower, but plenty wide enough in width.

There were no issues with rubbing, slipping, or uncomfortable spots, the shoe felt great on the foot immediately.
It’s difficult to review a training shoe without commenting on its looks straight away.

For all the functionality they’re packed with there are some ugly training shoes out there, but in my opinion, the React Metcon Turbo is the best-looking one I’ve seen in all aspects.

Launch colorways, overall design, and premium finish on the shoe. We’re off to a flying start!

Nike React Metcon Turbo Sole Unit

Nike React Metcon Turbo

The outsole is a new and pretty unique beast! A dual-color, dual-density rubber, wide at both the forefoot and heel area to give great ground contact and lateral stability pack the functionality into this feature.

The diamond shape silhouette at the forefoot and the heel add that extra little width and give you a wider base without too much extra weight.

Nike React Metcon Turbo

The two different rubbers are a sticky rubber at the forefoot and a hard rubber under the heel, identical in material to the Metcon 6, but a different shape.

A rope wrap, as is now commonplace in all CrossFit style training shoes is present, but more minimal than we’ve seen previously in the React Metcon Turbos, with plenty of flexible grip under and around the foot for rope climbs.

The heel in the sole feels really solid in the hand, and is noisy when walking around the gym or on wooden floors (perhaps a watch out if you’re still having/ choosing to workout at home).

Underfoot the heel feels denser than Reebok’s Nanos but with some cushioning from the midsole, the React Metcon Turbo for me has achieved the perfect balance.

Nike React Metcon Turbo

The inserted insole features a plastic reinforced midfoot section in between the React foam forefoot and heel sections in order to prevent the shoe becoming too flexible and loose in the midsole.

It also provides structure and support under the arch of the foot. The React midsole foam gives cushioning underfoot, and responsiveness when working out, and is probably my favourite feature of the shoe.

The React foam really delivers on it promises, and elevates the shoe above other training shoes for me.

It’s soft enough to give enough cushioning to take the impact of lifts, but by staying thin, you still get a decent amount of stability and ground feel.

The heel to toe drop in the Metcon React Turbos feels the same as the Metcon 6 and Nano X at 4mm, and doesn’t come with the option of hyperlift inserts.

Nike React Metcon Turbo Upper Unit

Nike React Metcon Turbo

The upper consists of two different materials divided by a seam with a thick overlay. On the foot I couldn’t feel any of the seams or overlays on the upper. The medial fabric is a thick knit, and lateral fabric more mesh like.

Neither are stretchy and give good structure to the shoe. Inside the shoe a soft mesh keeps the foot comfortable and cool.

The tongue is a wide but super thin half bootie design which stays in place comfortably and looks great. The eyelets are linked to the sole by a tough leather panel and give the foot a great locked in, secure feel.

Nike React Metcon Turbo

The round laces come up pretty short, so if you have a wider foot this may be something you wish to change. The small overlay with the Nike swoosh over the big toe area gives good support when doing push ups or burpees.

The heel collar is well padded and sits comfortably on the back of the foot. Compared to the Metcon 6 this collar is taller and gives a better fit on the heel.

The TPU heel clip around the heel counter gives a smooth glide along the wall for handstand push ups, and is shorter than that the in Metcon 6’s to reduce the weight of the shoe.

Despite loads of functional features to make the shoe structured and long lasting, it was a really comfortable shoe right from the beginning.

You get what you pay for in these upper materials and the React Metcon Turbo definitely delivers on comfort and functionality.

Nike React Metcon Turbo Conclusion

Nike React Metcon Turbo

When it came to performance I tested the React Metcon Turbo against lifting, running and jumping and it delivered in all these areas.

When lifting, the extended, wide sole gave superb stability, grip and ground feel, which wasn’t compromised by the midsole foam.

If you’re lifting heavy, you may prefer a wider, denser base, but for me this shoe really did the job. The foot and ankle felt supported yet not restricted.

When it comes to running I love a cushioned shoe (think Nike React Miler, Asics Roadblast) and it’s where I’m always let down when it comes to a training shoe.

If you’re planning on running as part of your workout, I’d definitely recommend packing your running shoes, but for short blasts, or circuit type runs as part of a WOD (workout of the day) the React Metcon Turbo is top of my list.

As close to perfect harmony between shoes designed for strength training and running I think we’ll find. For skipping and box jumps, the React Metcon Turbo felt like it was designed to move with my foot.

The wide, thin tongue molded the shoe around my foot to give solid support whilst remaining comfortable, and the sole absorbed the impact from the ground. The outsole sticky rubber grip made landings feel safe.

Overall the React Metcon Turbo excelled in everything I threw at it, and came out as a winner for an all-around gym shoe.

I’ve no doubt this will continue to hold up and perform in all elements of a workout and will be my go-to gym shoe for the foreseeable future.

The shoe does what it says, and despite the high price, the React Metcon Turbo delivers value to your workout.

We purchased a pair of Nike React Metcon Turbo from runningwarehouse using our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Nike React Metcon Turbo Price Comparison

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