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The Bondi X is a carbon-plated, max-cushioned trainer; the Bondi 7 is a non-plated, max-cushioned trainer. Here we will be comparing these two Hoka trainers.
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The Hoka Bondi X is a brand new training shoe with a thick, stiff midsole. It has a full-length carbon plated in its midsole and has a premium price of $200.

The Hoka Bondi is on its 7th iteration and is also a highly cushioned daily trainer. The Bondi 7 costs $150 and weighs more than the Bondi X.

Which one of these max-cushioned Hoka trainers is for you?

Similarity and differences: Bondi X vs Bondi 7

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The Hoka One One Bondi X is a super premium, max-cushioned trainer with a carbon plate in its midsole that makes it feel snappy. The Bondi X is softer, more comfortable and more versatile than the regular Bondi 7 but it does come with a $50 higher price tag.
The Bondi 7 is supposed to be a max-cushioned, long-distance trainer but it rides more like a daily trainer.

Its stiff Meta-Rocker midsole helps roll you through transitions and makes the ride feel efficient, however the Bondi 7 is missing the signature Hoka “running on clouds” experience.

Version 7 has been updated with a new upper, the biggest addition being a comfortable memory foam collar. It maintains the same midsole and outsole as its predecessor.
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Daily training
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Sole unit: Bondi X vs Bondi 7

The midsole of the Bondi X is made of EVA and it’s the softest midsole that Hoka has ever created. The Bondi 7 also has an EVA midsole but it feels firmer than the Bondi X’s midsole.

The biggest difference between the midsoles of these two trainers is that the Bondi X has a carbon plate embedded in its midsole which stops it from flexing.

The carbon plate makes the Bondi X’s ride feel less natural than the Bondi 7 but it makes the Bondi X feel more propulsive. The Bondi 7 relies on a rocker shaped midsole to make it energy-saving and efficient.

The Bondi X is better suited to steady runs while the Bondi 7 is better suited to slow, easy and recovery runs.

Stability is better in the Bondi X because it has a wider midsole base which flares out. The plate in its midsole also makes the shoe feel more stable.

The Bondi 7 has a more durable outsole which has more rubber on it. The Bondi X has less rubber in order to save weight so the Bondi 7 is more durable and will be able to eat up more miles.

Upper unit: Bondi X vs Bondi 7

The upper of the Bondi X is made from hot melt TPU yarns which is lightweight and breathable. It has a thin, racing-inspired tongue which is gusseted and it has a wider fit than most Hokas which makes it very comfortable. It fits true to size.

The upper of the Bondi 7 is made of engineered mesh which is thicker and warmer than the Bondi X’s mesh. The tongue of the Bondi 7 is lightly padded and not gusseted. The collar of the Bondi 7 is filled with memory foam which gives the Bondi 7 a plush, luxurious feel. It fits true to size but has a very narrow fit so it’s available in a wide version.

Which one to buy: Bondi X vs Bondi 7

If you’re looking for a soft daily trainer which can handle easy and steady paced runs, the Bondi X is the better option. Its stiff carbon plate makes the Bondi X more propulsive than the Bondi 7 and it’s also lighter which makes it easier to pick up the pace. The Bondi X has a more comfortable upper but its outsole is not as durable as the Bondi 7.

If you’re looking for a firmer daily trainer for mainly recovery and easy runs, the Bondi 7 is the better option. It has a more natural feeling ride and very plush, comfortable collar padding. The Bondi 7 is also $50 cheaper than the Bondi X which makes it much better value for money.

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