Updated: August 16th, 2018

One of the trickiest injuries of the human feet is Sesamoiditis. Apart from its varied symptoms that range from bruising, swelling, issues on straightening or bending your big toe, and all the way to its oftentimes annoying pain, this condition is also treated in ways that could sometimes overwhelm the sufferer.

Thankfully, 80% of its treatment centers around on wearing the right type of shoes. But as shoes come in the market nowadays, they too can throw you in a familiar feeling of confusion, which as a result could jeopardize your decision power. From the right sole and heel, to the type of cushioning, these factors alone could derail your search for the right pair. And with your condition, the last thing that you need to have is the wrong type of footwear.

I have written this post solely to guide you with your search on the best shoes for Sesamoiditis. But before I unveil the top three shoes that are getting rave reviews now, let’s look into ways on how you’re going to choose the right shoes for your condition.

Features To Look For

The following features should be considered when looking for the best shoes for Sesamoiditis:

  1. Your shoes should come with anatomically-shaped wide-toe boxes. This feature should allow your toes to spread wider than the balls of your feet.
  2. Your shoes should be equipped with zero heel-to-toe drop. In this way, your heels and the balls of your feet will be kept aligned right on the same plane.
  3. Your shoes should come without toe spring. Without this feature, your feet’s natural layer of fatty tissues under the balls of your feet should remain intact.

In a nutshell, the feature’s I have just mentioned can all be found in a typical minimalist pair of shoes. Now while the minimalist type allows your feet to move right in its natural alignment, breaking into them could especially challenging for those who are used to wear conventional or regular shoes.

If you still feel pained by these shoes, you can always opt for the maximalist and transition shoes. These shoes provide what the minimalist and the conventional shoes can offer. As it goes, these shoes come with features that allow users to transition smoothly from the traditionally restrictive footwear down to shoes that come with a provision of allowing your feet to move in right along with a more natural gait.

The Best Shoes For Sesamoiditis

This short compilation should just be well enough to narrow down your choices whether you’re going to use them for walking, running, or even for working. I have personally tried and tested them, and I must say that these three have satisfied my needs thoroughly.

  1. Altra Men’s Paradigm – The Best Running Shoes for Sesamoiditis

    Specially engineered to cater to users who run long distances, the Altra Men’s Paradigm 2 is noted for its extremely soft and cushiony features right along with its snappy performance when you’re working with them on the road.

    It’s most attractive feature comes from its sole which is significantly more flexible than its counterparts and doesn’t provide any form of resistance right on your forefoot – two traits that should better your condition.

    This zero-drop running pair of shoes also comes with wide toe boxes.

  2. Altra Provision Walker – The Best Walking Shoes for Sesamoiditis

    For a pair that is dubbed as the best walking shoes for sesamoiditis, one’s expectations are usually high. Thankfully, the Altra Provision Walker does these expectations better with its famed features for your condition.

    The shoes’ midsole features Altra’s proprietary ultra lightweight Abound material which renders this footwear an instant impact-absorber. And whether your steps are sometimes unguided when walking, this feature should also aid you just well enough. Meanwhile, this pair is a maximalist one, so expect a huge amount of cushioning as possible.

    Other notable inclusions are its distinctive wide toe boxes and the zero drop foot-bed which provide impressive stability and comfort when your feet are subjected to an undue pressure.

  3. Vivobarefoot Men’s RA II – The Best Work Shoes for Sesamoiditis

    Simple. Refined. And feature-filled. The Vivobarefoot Men’s RA II is quintessentially the best working shoes in the business now for your Sesamoiditis. From its lightweight overall offering of only 8 ounces or 231 grams, users are treated with a smooth experience while their condition is taken care of.

    It features an extremely durable outsole that is both flat from head-to-toe while its stack only measures 3 mm. On top of that, the shoes also is equipped with a thin sole construction, allowing your feet to receive optimal feedback right from the surface.

    And as it is made of a top-of-the-line grain leather, expect these shoes to last for years.

Concluding Thoughts

The market now comes with a variety of shoes for this condition and the list above only filters down the very best of them. Now if you think you’re still unsure how to go about on choosing the right shoes for you based on your recent search with this guide, I ‘d highly recommend that you seek a podiatrist’s opinion.

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