SofSoles Airr Insoles – Impressions

When it comes to running shoes, the brand, model, color, and fit are typically the most-considered elements of buying decisions. The truth is, a shoe can be expertly built, beautifully designed, and priced appropriately—only to have the fit not quite hit the mark. Similarly, the yearly revamps of most shoes can leave one year’s model not fitting quite like the last. Along with some runners’ desire for additional cushioning, stability, and arch support, these factors have made the insole market flourish. Among the larger names in the arena is SofSole, which provided RunningShoesGuru with a pair of their latest Airr insoles to try out.

The Airr insoles provide maximum cushioning for high-impact activities, along with medium arch support. The insole is covered on the foot side with a comfortable, durable fabric while the shoe-side is coated in a non-stick rubber base. Along the bottom of the insole rests a sturdy heel brace, which runs up the lateral length of the foot’s arch. Airr features an air-driven cushion system, with inner-workings that appear underneath the translucent blue heel cushioning. Overall, the product feels sturdy without being overly rigid—fitting within most conventional stability and cushioned running shoes.

After wearing them for two weeks, I definitely felt that the insoles lived up to their cushioning claims. Though I do not tend to run in shoes with much cushioning, I began in motion-control shoes and have used insoles in the past with varying success. The Airr provides a comfortable platform for long and short runs, and the moderate arch support provided plenty of relief without being obtrusive. The one caveat of the level of cushioning and support the model provides, however, is its size. The insoles may not fit in all shoe models, so it might be worth it to check the fit before purchasing. This is likely my only complaint about the Airr—and one that is as unavoidable as it is unlikely to affect future wearers. All in all, the SofSole Airr provided a great fit and comfort level.

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