Running Around the Web This Week – 010

This week from around the web: Cadence and Injury, Nailing the Variables, Sweaty Runners, Track Lines.

How Does Cadence Affect Injury and Performance

Subtle increases in step rate can substantially reduce the loading to the hip and knee joints.

Effect of 0 and 4mm drop running shoes on running economy

A study comparing college runners in their usual shoes and also the 0 and 4mm drop New Balance Minimus running shoes. Oxygen uptake was measured and found no differences between the 3 conditions.

Nailing the Variables

This simple sport of ours has myriad variables than can lead you down the path of success, failure, or more often, the confusing land of in between where ”this went really well, but I fell apart because of x, y, and z.”

Tips for Sweaty Runners on Sodium, Muscle Cramps and Sweat Losses

Hydration information to help you quench your thirst, perform well, and stay out of the medical tent when you are doing extended exercise in hot weather.

Should I See My Doctor?

How to tell the difference between uncomfortable and injured.

Learn the Track Lines and Staggers

A few tips on how to read the variety of stagger lines on a traditional track.

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