Running Around the Web This Week – 013

This week from around the web: Energy Gels 101, Running too fast, Qualifying for Boston 2014

Energy Gels 101

Here are your options, with an explanation of how they’re different.

Are You Running Too Fast During Training?

Recent research provides more evidence supporting the benefits of polarized training.

Soaring Through the Silver State 50-Miler

Scott Dunlap’s Silver State 50-Miler race report

How and Why Should You Strengthen Your Hip Abductors

A look at the role the gluteus medius plays in our running form, signs that you may have a weak glute medius and some exercises to strengthen.

How Tough Will It Be to Qualify for the 2014 Boston Marathon?

Because of increased demand, a traditional BQ probably won’t be good enough to get you in.

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