Running Around the Web this Week – 020

From around the web this week: Medicine Ball, Cross-Training, Hydration Myths

Are you Putting Too Much Emphasis on the Long Run as Part of Your Marathon Training?

Since the long run is such an ingrained element of marathon training, and suggesting they are overrated sounds blasphemous to many veterans.

3 Smart Ways to Cross-Train for Speed, Health, and Recovery

As runners, we love to lace up our shoes and go explore a new trail and feel the wind in our hair. Who the hell wants to cross-train?

8 Hydration Myths Busted

Don’t get swept up in a tidal wave of hype.

4 Medicine Ball Moves for Stronger Hips

Medicine balls are a versatile training tool for runners. They’re simple, yet effective.

Six Lactate Acid Lies

Busting 6 Lactate Acid misconceptions.

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