Running Around the Web this Week – 022

From around the web this week: Running Backwards, Portion Size, Setting realistic goals, Strength Traning

Runner’s Plate: Portions Matter, Tricks to Recognizing Portion Size

Yes you can eat too much fruit. Yes it is possible to gain weight, or stunt weight loss even if everything you eat is inherently good for you. Portion sizes matter.

The Benefits of Running Backwards

7 benefits of running backwards.

How to Set a Realistic Marathon Goal Time

Proper marathon training begins with having a realistic, reachable goal time that corresponds to your abilities and current fitness levels. It doesn’t matter how great your training plan is or how dedicated you are, if you have an unrealistic goal, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

How To Plan Strength Work Around Running

The timing of when to perform strength work and when to run is an often pondered question.

Making Racing Simple: An Interview with Sage Rountree

Sage is a yoga instructor and running coach and Racing Wisely is her fifth published book. In her previous four books, she focused on recovery, but this time she’s tackled an issue that’s never before been covered by an entire book: racing.

Can Elliptical Trainers Improve Your Running?

Like Aqua Jogging elliptical trainers provide benefits to runners beyond being a cardio workout.

A tool to free the Nike Frees

A little tool to help you remove pebbles from your Nike Frees

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