Running Accessories: Guru’s Top 5

There are literally hundreds of accessories and gadgets dedicated to running.

We receive many emails and comments from readers asking our opinion about heart rate monitors, GPS watches, foam rollers, bottles, belts, headphones…

Here we compiled a quick list of the 5 items we often recommend to our friends and family. These are running accessories we have learned to love and take with us when we travel.

Do you use any of these? Are you using others that we did not mention? Let us know in the comments!

Now, without further ado, here’s our list!

Best Running Headphones: Jaybird BlueBuds X

jaybird bluebuds x

We published a detailed review of the BlueBuds X some time ago, but here in short why we think it’s the one and only running headphone you’ll ever need.

It is a Bluetooth headphone. This obviously means no wires between you and your phone. Wires are annoying, you can hear hisses when they move and do not give you control on things like track selection.

We tried many, but the Bluebuds X win in terms of sound quality, battery life, ease of connection and sweat resistance.

They are not cheap, but trust us when we say it will be the last earbuds you’ll ever buy.

Check it on Amazon

Best Running Belt: Flipbelt


You might be asking yourself “Do I really need a running belt?”, but that is the wrong question. What you should be asking yourself is “Where do I put my ID, house keys, pocket cash, phone, hotel card?”. You don’t know you need a FlipBelt until you try one.

Flipbelt is an elastic band that fits snug around your waist and has four longitudinal holes in the middle. You slide your things in, they don’t bounce up and down, don’t get lost and don’t bother you while you run.

Believe it or not it is the most sold running accessory on Amazon, where it has around 2,000 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars.

To top it all off, it is not expensive at all.

Check it on Amazon

Best Running Shoe Laces: Lock Laces

lock laces

This is probably the best kept secret of the list.

For a very insignificant amount, this is the best present you can give to your running shoes.

The principle is simple: you remove the laces from your running shoes and replace them with the Lock Laces. Insert the endings in the locking mechanism, let a couple of inches of laces fall out and cut off the rest.

Now pull the locking mechanism until your feet fit snugly. That’s it.

The laces are now elastic – much more comfortable than any other laces you’ve ever tried – and to put them on and off you just have to release or lock the mechanism. No more tie-ing laces, forever!

I learned this secret while training for a triathlon and never looked back.

Check it on Amazon

Best Running Safety Lights: Apace Vision LED Safety Lights

apace led lights

Do you run early in the morning, or late at night? You have to have a set of lights. There is no reason to risk not being seen by traffic.

It is such a danger that it is not worth taking, for any reason.

There are plenty of reflective or LED light solution, but this is our favorite.

Inexpensive, a pack includes:

– 2x safety lights
– 2x extra batteries
– 2x velcro straps
– 1x mini screwdriver

Put one on the front and one on the back, and you are ready to go!

Check it on Amazon

Best Running Phone Armband: Annex Quad Lock Sports Armband

Annex Quad Lock Sports Armband

Do you run with your phone? Save your money. Don’t try ANY of the cheap running armbands you find. Don’t do it. We did it for you, and hated every second.

(Don’t forget to check our selection of best running apps for iphone and android)

We did a detailed review of the Annex Quad Lock Armband some time ago, but here is the summary.

This system is made of two components:

1) A phone case (or a plastic piece that you stick on to your existing case if you don’t have a compatible phone out of the box) with the Quad Lock connector
2) The armband itself.

You click the case onto the armband and it’s on. Safely, sturdly and easily removable with a simple click.

The even better part is that you can get the same mechanism for your bike, and can safely mount your phone to your bike too. One click and you hop it on and off.

Trust us on this – this is the best armband ever made, it’s not even close.

Check it on Amazon

This is our list. There are many accessories for runners. But with any of this 5, your runs will be simply better.

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