NikeLab Zoom Fly SP Released To Commemorate Nike’s Breaking2

The brand released their latest limited edition running shoe which was based on an early prototype for their Breaking2 footwear.

Back in May, runner Eliud Kipchoge managed to almost set a new world record in Monza, Italy at the Formula 1 track during Breaking2. He almost managed to break the unachievable two-hour marathon barrier while wearing the sports brand’s Zoom VaporFly Elite. With the running shoes used by Kipchoge still not being available for the public to purchase, Nike is compensating those who want their hands on those shoes by commemorating the success of Breaking2 and releasing a limited edition NikeLab rendition of the Zoom Vaporfly 4%, aptly named NikeLab Zoom Fly SP.

 Nike Zoom Fly SP

Source: Nike

The NikeLab Zoom Fly SP was inspired by one of the early prototypes of footwear for Breaking2. It features a translucent, stretch-woven upper and sprinkled with various special details about the shoe’s development throughout its design.

 Nike Zoom Fly SP

Source: Nike

The brand promises that this limited edition release will be “fast enough for race day, yet durable enough for everyday training.” This is made possible by “a light and responsive underfoot experience” and an “embedded, full-length, carbon-infused nylon plate increases stiffness.” The heels also have high abrasion rubber installed, which says a lot about this model’s durability. Additionally, Nike designed the shoe’s 10mm offset to lessen strain on the Achilles’ heel and a 33mm stack height to protect from impact. Well, if it could help professional runners like Kipchoge break records, then this model definitely seems like it has great potential.

 Nike Zoom Fly SP

Source: Nike

Check out a more in-depth breakdown of the NikeLab Zoom Fly SP’s design:

 Nike Zoom Fly SP upper

Source: Nike

Graphics on the shoe are all related to running and includes a Swoosh pinwheel icon, Speed track icon, and Finish checker icon which can all be seen on the translucent tongue. The white/bright crimson is pleasantly “framed” by the wavy embroidery on the edges of the upper.

 Nike Zoom Fly SP sockliner

Source: Nike

Original designer sketches are printed on both bright crimson sockliners.

Nike Zoom Fly SP inner tongue

Source: Nike

The inner left side of the Nike Zoom Fly SP’s tongue has printed text referencing the specification of the prototype design. As for the right side, the wearer can opt to personalize it and fill in information about their fastest attempts at running.

Nike Zoom Fly SP heel

Source: Nike

The digital clock printed on the heel is a reference to Eliud Kipchoge’s attempt to break the two-hour marathon barrier and also serves as a subtle nod to the OG Nike Zoom Mayfly.

swoosh pinwheel icon

Source: Nike

The Swoosh Pinwheel icon
This design was created in 1976 by Jeff Johnson, Nike’s first employee. He simply fanned out the original Swoosh in order to make a sunburst design out of it.

Speed Track icon

Source: Nike

Speed Track icon
This is a nod to the speed and elegance of auto racing that’s regularly held at the Autodromo Nationale Monza in Italy, where Breaking2 was held in May 6, 2017.

Finish Checker icon

Source: Nike

Finish Checker icon
Of course, anybody could get this reference, especially if they’re regulars in marathon finish lines.

digiclock graphic

Source: Nike

Digital Clock graphic
This is a reference to the attempt made in order to break the two-hour marathon barrier at Breaking2 and is also a homage to the OG Nike Zoom Mayfly

inner tongue print

source: Nike

Inner Tongue graphics

08.15 – The month and year when the design was initiated
ALTRNT MAT V2 – indication that the translucent alternate material on this model is already the second version
STRETCH WVN – NikeLab Zoom Fly SP is made out of stretch woven material
EMB – And of course, it has an embroidered upper
SU17 – season and year of the shoe’s release

heel print

Source: Nike

“FAST” print on the heel

FAST – Indicates that the Zoom Fly SP is part of Nike’s FAST running series
INNOV CNCPT – showcases that this model is an innovation concept from the brand
DSGN V7.2 – indicates that this is the seventh version and second material direction of the upper before it was approved for release.

The NikeLab Zoom Fly SP has been available since June 8 on Nike+, and at select retailers for $150. Better hurry, though– some retailers are already out of these babies.

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