Adidas launches new performance technology: Digital Light Synthesis.

Adidas incorporates Digital Light Synthesis technology into its newly-launched FUTURECRAFT 4D series.

Adidas has announced its official release of FUTURECRAFT 4D. First introduced in April 2017, this high performance running shoe is the first of its kind to feature midsoles crafted with light and oxygen using CARBON’s Digital Light Synthesis technology.

The footwear has launched through Consortium retailers – KITH, Packer and SNS – in the New York City area.

“FUTURECRAFT 4D demonstrates the potential of Digital Light Synthesis in unlocking a new era in sports performance design,”

Ben Herath, VP of Design for adidas Running, said.

“[An era] driven by athlete data and incomparable precision to provide the best for the athletes, enabling them to make a difference in their run.”

Various elements of running, like propulsion, cushioning, stability and comfort, are enhanced through the FUTURECRAFT 4D’s midsole. Over 20,000 struts, capable of being individually adjusted for greater control on the energy return required for a specific running function, make up the midsole.

The three key performance zones – Heel, Transition and Forefoot, are comprised of these precisely engineered struts.

“This innovation changes how we design and free ourselves from limitations of the past,”

Herath said.

“The possibility of what we can now create with this technology to push the boundaries of performance is truly endless.”

The midsole also provides breathability underfoot for the runner because of its unique open structure. Seamless comfort is offered through a sock-like fit and strategically engineered ventilation zones, and its outsoles supply an optimal grip.

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FUTURECRAFT 4D is an extension of adidias FUTURECRAFT – the brand’s commitment to craftmanship excellence and mission to provide the best for each athlete through exploration of new technology, design and collaboration.

For more information about the product, hop online and visit, or join in on the conversation by following #futurecraft on Instagram and Twitter. The footwear is priced at 300 USD.

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