Coronavirus and Running: How the COVID-19 is Affecting Running Events Around the World

Coronavirus cases continue to rise around the world and several internal public events including marathons have been either canceled or postponed.

The steady spread of Coronavirus across the world has impacted several conferences, public events, and gatherings, including some of the widely anticipated running events around the world.

Since the Covid-19 spreads through close contact, public gatherings such as marathons (among other events) can lead the disease to spread faster. Several of these international events have their tracks laid out in regions that have gone under self-imposed lockdowns for fear of the pandemic.

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    Here’s how the Coronavirus has impacted some of the upcoming marathons and running events.

    Boston Marathon

    The Boston Athletic Association announced Friday that the Boston Marathon, which was due April 20, has been postponed until September 14.

    London Marathon 2019

    A still fromt he London Mrathon 2019. (Steven Paston/PA Wire)

    According to a report, the chief executive of the B.A.A. Tom Grilk said that the association, along with its partners, understands its role in “ensuring a safe environment for all participants, volunteers, spectators, and supporters.”

    London Marathon

    Shortly after the Boston Marathon was postponed, another major running event scheduled on April 26 — the London marathon — was postponed to October 4.

    The London marathon, known to attract as many as 40,000 runners from across Europe, was supposed to be a qualifier for the Tokyo Olympics for some British runners.

    The director of the race Hugh Brasher said in a statement that the world is in an “unprecedented situation grappling with a global pandemic of COVID-19 and public health is everyone’s priority.”

    The 2020 London marathon was supposed to draw a crowd of more than 750,000 spectators through London streets.

    Eliud Kipchoge — one of the top participants in the London Marathon — expressed his dismay over the news of postponement. He tweeted that the news of the delay was “unfortunate,” but he respected the decision.

    Vancouver B.M.O. marathon

    The annual B.M.O. Marathon scheduled for May 3 has also been called off as Canada has banned public gatherings of more than 250 people.

    In 2019, the B.M.O. Marathon drew around 20,000 participants, along with thousands of volunteers.

    Vienna City Marathon

    The marathon organizers said in an announcement that the 2020 edition of the Vienna City marathon supposed to be held in about a month, has been canceled, and will only come back next year.

    Rome Marathon

    Another big marathon, the Rome Marathon, has been canceled due to the scare of the Coronavirus. The 2019 Rome marathon had seen over 8,800 participants.

    Barcelona marathon

    Barcelona city officials confirmed the news of the cancellation of the Barcelona marathon to stop the spreading of the virus in the city. The marathon was earlier supposed to take place on March 15, but now it has been postponed to October 25.

    The 2019 Barcelona marathon saw over 13,400 participants from around the world.

    Tokyo Olympic Rallies Up

    Japan continues its preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics despite the event cancellations around the world. Earlier, President Trump has suggested that the event be canceled.

    Tokyo Olympics

    The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will continue to happed amid Coronavirus scare.

    According to a report, the Tokyo Olympics spokesman said that the International Olympic Committee has been working closely to prepare for the games as per the original plans.

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also insisted that the Tokyo Olympics should go ahead despite the global fears around the Coronavirus pandemic.

    “We will overcome the spread of the infection and host the Olympics without problem, as planned,” he said in a news conference.

    Japan has recorded over 1500 cases of the Coronavirus. However, the spike in the number of cases hasn’t been as high as in other countries and regions. Europe, on the other hand, has seen a steady rise in the number of cases and is considered as the new ‘epicenter of Coronavirus.

    What are you doing? Is the event you were training for cancelled/postponed? What are you doing instead?
    Let us know.

    But most of all… stay safe!

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