• Contenders in the Men’s 10,000m at the 2012 Olympics

    One of the marquee events at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London is the Men’s 10,000 meters final on Saturday August 4th. Fortunately for the host country, one of the favorites to win the grueling event is of British heritage. But whether or not he can capture the gold medal in the highly anticipated event [&hellip... READ MORE

  • Ten Top Running Races in the World

    Runners of all levels are always searching for travel destinations that incorporate a fabulous vacation getaway and a great running race.  While elite runners will tend to travel to cities that offer the biggest prize money, it doesn’t mean that other runners can enjoy the same races. Obviously there are far too many outstanding races [&hellip... READ MORE

  • Q&A: Running Trails with Emmanuel Gault

    Emmanuel Gault has been running with TEAM ASICS TRAIL FRANCE for over two years, and has run trails all over the world. He is one of the professional trail runners that worked with ASICS’ product development team to create the new FUJI trail collection. Emmanuel challenges himself to constantly go faster and higher across the trails, relishing the challenge between himself and nature. For Emmanuel, trail running is about connecting ... READ MORE

  • Pdo Sporteer Armband

    The PDO Sporteer is made for all modes of the iPhone/ipod touch. The thick neoprene casing is durable and gives extra cushioning for a comfortable fit.The full frontal screen protector did not affect the Iphone Touch Screen sensitivity, as the screen was still responsive and easy to use my phone in the case. The PDO [&hellip... READ MORE

  • Newton Gravity Preview

    The latest update to the Newton Gravity takes the innovative design and engineering of the popular neutral trainer and throws in lighter-weight foam, a brand-new color scheme, and Newton's patented Action/Reaction technology... READ MORE

  • Merrell Barefoot Road Glove Preview

    The Barefoot Road Glove provides a next-to-nothing minimalist feel with excellent treads, a lightweight upper, and a barely-there feel for running on nearly any surface. The Road Glove provides barefoot strobe construction, allowing the foot to move and contour around uneven surfaced. The sturdy Vibram outsole offers durable support, particularly around the reinforced toebox. Matched [&hellip... READ MORE

  • Saucony Hattori LC Preview

    The newly-revamped Saucony Hattori LC (lace) builds upon the strengths of the previous model, without adding weight or bulkiness on a remarkably barefoot-feeling running shoe. With a glove-like fit, the Hattori LC allows for a responsive and flexible experience. The flex groove in the back of the shoe also allows for additional traction underfoot. Cushioning, [&hellip... READ MORE

  • Brooks Ghost 5 Preview

    The Brooks Ghost 5 has all of the features that have made it so popular with runners, with a few minor updates. Answering the call for a lighter package, Brooks has shaved half an ounce from the women’s, and a full ounce from the men’s edition. Otherwise, Brooks strove to maintain all of the elements [&hellip... READ MORE

  • Nike Free 3.0 Preview

    The Nike Free 3.0 is the latest iteration of the popular trainer, offering lightweight, adaptive response and excellent grip on varied surfaces. With a full review to come, feast your eyes on the completely-revamped model!... READ MORE

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