Write For Us!

If you clicked on this link, it probably means you are interested in publishing something on RunningShoesGuru.com – you came to the right page!

What are we looking for?

We are always on the lookout for insightful articles on a number or topics:

  • improving running technique
  • training for distance or for speed
  • nutrition
  • beginner’s guides
  • inspirational stories
  • gear review
  • buying guides

Who are we looking for?

You don’t need to be a professional writer nor a professional runner to write on runningshoesguru.com. We welcome every writer but there are a few rules:

  • you must have a good command of the english language
  • must have a certain degree of “authority”, either through running experience, qualifications, coaching experience etc.
  • the article needs to be original (absolutely no copies or re-writing!) and only published on runningshoesguru.com
  • the article needs to be between 500 and 1,000 words long. Longer articles can be split into multi-part articles

What do we offer?

  • Guest Posts. Running Shoes Guru receives thousands of visits a day. If you want to drive traffic to your blog/website or gain exposure in the running community you can write a guest post. We will include a little bio and will allow you to post two links to your website. Links can only be to a website. No affiliates/sneaky links.
  • Paid Articles. Depending on your authority and the lenght, timeliness and interest level of the submitted article we will pay you an amount. If you decide to write paid articles, then you give up the option to post your own links. Contact us for more info.

In both cases you will be recognized as author. Runningshoesguru.com will eventually edit the article in order to correct mistakes, improve the readability or fit the editorial style of the website. Headlines will always be picked by us.


If you think you can contribute to runningshoesguru.com then please write us an email at guru (at) runningshoesguru.com. Include a short description of who you are, some examples of your writing and the articles you were thinking of publishing.
We promise to reply to everybody.

There’s More !

You can contribute in many ways to runningshoesguru.com! Designers, wordpress gurus, social media heroes… Let us know what you can help us with!

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