VITAband Puts Medical Info and Cash on Your Wrist



VITAband is a medical identification bracelet that gives first responders access to critical contact and medical information in the event of an emergency AND gives access to “touch-and-go” payment at the same time- all right on your wrist. With contactless payment technology built right in, you can literally buy what you need while running and working out and never worry about carrying cash.

VITAband combines a variety of elements:

· Emergency medical iconography on the band lets EMTs and other first responders know that there is crucial emergency information available to them by calling an 800 number listed and entering a unique VITAnumber for access to a user’s personal profile

· It offers an online Emergency Response Profile (ERP) where a user can choose to include limited information such as a name and contact info or store much more including allergies, blood type, daily prescriptions and medical history- information that could save a life. With a partnership in place with Microsoft Health Vault, VITAband is convenient for millions of Americans with health problems by offering a portable way for patients to carry relevant medical information from doctor to doctor

VitaBand allows users to pre-load up to $200 on a VITAcard and purchase goods and services at thousands of retailers nationwide. This way, you can literally buy a bottle of water, sports drinks, post-workout snack or anything else you need before, during or after your workout without having to worry about keeping cash in your sock, sports bra or tiny pocket in the front of your workout gear

It’s a nice affordable holiday gift for any runner this year (it’s $19.99 for the wrist band and $19.99 a year for service), especially when you consider that nearly 1 million people arrive in hospital emergency rooms every year without ID or anyone to identify them.

You can find more information on VITAband on their website.

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