The perfect app for timing and keeping runners on track to meet their goals and set PR times.

Now you can get a powerful new app to help you defeat your ghosts. This concept in the past has been reserved for high priced GPS watches that cost hundreds of dollars. Now for $.99 you can set your stride, choose your distance, choose your goal time and race against that goal time. This app will also provide you with feedback to help you keep up with those goal times.

Most running apps can provide great information if the iPhone or iPod is being held by the runner. iPaceWatch can provide you with feedback based on mathematics and not on GPS. This makes it a perfect tool for spectators and coaches needing accurate information from a distance. The app was developed by a Father and Daughter who got tired of constantly referring to pace charts and punching information into a calculator. Now you can let your iPhone or iPod Touch do the calculations for you.

Replay races and watch your “Runner Dot” try to keep up with your ” Goal Dot” as they race around the oval track.

Link to

Choose from “Stopwatch” mode or “Pace Event” mode. Both are great runners tools.

Enter your stride length, or stride can be calculated by height or use the average.

Your actual pace will be shown as a
dot racing against your goal pace.

Finished the race? Title it, date it,
add any comments and file it away.

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