Long May You Run. A Great Book for Every Runner.

Long May You Run

Long May You Run

Long May You Run is an unconventional running book. It is not a training book, or a gear selection book, a motivational book or a biography/life experience book – It’s all this in one, very enjoyable book. “Long May You Run goes beyond the basics of running, training, and racing. It is a collection of essays, stories, statistics, humor, resolutions, achievable goals, and advice on nearly 200 separate topics to help you fill the gaps in your running life. In addition, you will be inspired and challenged by the recommendations and running tips contributed exclusively to the book by Olympians and running authors”.

The book, rather than a start-to-finish narrative is a collection of short essays about everything running. It is split into 5 parts:

  2. Contains introductory articles about running such as “why running”, “health benefits of running”, “calories of running” but also motivational articles such as “best running movies”. This is the perfect reading list for somebody who is thinking about starting to run or that has just started.

  4. This second chapter deals more directly with the day to day of being “on the road” with articles about proper running form, correct water intake, stretching and so on.

  6. Get the gear contains a series of “must” have list of movies, books and the likes to perfect your running experience.

  8. Go the distance has been my favourite part. In this section Chris tries and stimulate you to widen your running horizons about where to run, when to run, how far to run… Have you run a hill? A mountain? Thought about a triathlon? Qualified for the Boston Marathon?

  10. Run for your life contains articles such as “believe you’re never to old to run” or “coach a younger runner”. Starting to run is easy and addictive, but are you in…. for the long run?

I received this book and had no idea what to expect at first. I have read my share of running books, some very interesting, some boring, some inspirational and some avoidable. I loved Long May You Run pretty much from the moment I opened it. You can just open it at a random page and find something interesting. This book will be a gift I will be giving to my running friends for their birthdays, holidays… I cannot see how you can enjoy running and not enjoy this book.

Go on Amazon and sample a few pages, you will understand what I mean.

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