Asics – MADE OF SPORTS – New Campaign

ASICS celebrates true sport values with evocative new advertising campaign

Leading sports performance brand ASICS has launched a new international TV, print and digital brand campaign based around the values of true sport.

The new campaign, created by 180 Amsterdam and titled ‘Made of Sport’, celebrates the true sport athlete’s journey to personal victory. It celebrates the early mornings and the late nights this commitment requires. It honours the athletes who respect one another and cherish the challenges, demands, passion and dedication that keep them pushing for rewards more noble and valuable than fame and wealth.

The above-the-line campaign includes a selection of 60”, 30”, 20” and 6” TV adverts and double and single page print adverts. There will also be a series of three minute inspirational short films – hosted on the brand’s website. The campaign will be broadcast in Europe, Asia (Japan, South Korea) and Oceania.

Directed by Henrik Hansen, the campaign features a selection of elite and amateur athletes including Olympians such as American hurdler Lolo Jones, German Olympic champion triathlete Jan Frodeno and French trail running champion Emmanuel Gault. The campaign shows the hard work and training that dedicated athletes undertake on every level. The voiceover throughout the adverts makes evocative statements about each athlete, including “I am made of all the days you don’t see. Not just the ones you do.” and “I am made of everything to come. Not just what has been.”
At the end of each advert, the audience is asked ‘Are You Made of Sport?’, inviting viewers to look into themselves and evaluate their own true sport credentials.

Michael Price, European Marketing Director at ASICS said

“We have decided to create a campaign that strips sport back to its true authentic meaning and taps into its real values; teamwork, sacrifice, sportsmanship and dedication. We feel our audience will relate much more to seeing the behind the scenes of elite sport and everyday athletes than they will to watching high-profile ‘celebrity’ athletes pose and posture.”

Al Moseley, Managing Partner and Executive Creative Director at 180 Amsterdam said

“ASICS is reclaiming the idea of true sport, and giving it back to the everyday athlete. The campaign encourages the audience to ask themselves if they too are made of the dedication, commitment and passion that true sport athletes exhibit.”

The print campaign shot by Ben Ingham includes images of elite and amateur athletes training in sports such as handball and tennis as well as road running and sprinting. Christophe Lemaitre, Europe’s fastest man, features in the campaign with the statement, ‘I am built of sweat. Not swagger.’ emblazoned across the image, Simon Wheatcroft, a British blind runner has the uplifting declaration, ‘I am made of beliefs. Not barriers.’ featured on his imagery.

Adverts have also been created for new key footwear and apparel products, featuring slogans highlighting key consumer benefits such as ‘Made of Adaptive Support’ for the new ASICS GEL-KAYANO 18 and ‘Made of Water Release’ for the new ASICS GEL-FUJI trail running shoes.

This campaign will be ASICS Europe’s largest media investment to date. The advertising campaign will go live across Europe from the beginning of January 2012, starting in the UK and Germany. The TV commercials have been pre-launched on Eurosport and will appear on from 15 to 31 December in 59 countries, 125 million households.

So – where is the video ? Here you can find the TV spot:

And follow this link to the series of 6 mini-movies (you should check them out, they are really inspirational):

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