Running Around the Web This Week – 006

Hello everybody, thanks for reading this weekly update of running links.

This week I want to share articles from three blogs I recommend you to start following: No Meat Athlete, Kinetic-Revolution and Strength Running.

Before we proceed, did you read our “best running shoes of spring 2013” showdown? If not, do it now!

Ok, here come the links !

What comes first, form or fitness?

Our friend James at Kinetic-Revolution received a question from one of his readers: when he runs with proper form he runs faster. But his heart rate increases too. So the reader is wondering if you need to develop fitness before you start working on your form or you should work on your form and develop fitness as a consequence ? Read the full article here.

How to make the leap from runner to ultra-runner

This is not an article but an audio interview. Matt at No Meat Athlete is joined by fellow co-ultrarunner Doug and by Bryon of and discuss how a runner should approach the step to ultra running.

The podcast is 90 minutes long but quite interesting. They debunk the myths of ultrarunners as superhuman athletes who run a marathon each day before breakfast and suggest approaches on how to tackle a 50k or a 50 miler. The three of them are super-nice people and the podcast is a pleasure to listen to. Listen here.

Achilles Tendonitis Doesn’t Exist (But Here’s How to Treat it Anyway)

Jason at Strength Running explores, together with therapist Jay Dicharry, common misconceptions about Achilles Tendonitis. It is a very thorough article and a must read if you are suffering with this injury. Find more here.

This concludes the links for this week. Only 3, but it’s all about quality, not quantity !!!

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