Running Around the Web This Week – 007

It’s Good Friday, time to put in some running before diving into the chocolate this Sunday !:)

Here are the links we recommend you reading this week.

A lot of science behind breathing

This wiki/article from Fellrnr sheds some light over breathing – probably the most natural of human activities but still one that poses many questions for runners. For example, what’s that burning sensation when you are running hard? Are you damaging your lungs ?

What is base training? Is it “running slow” ?

I am a big fan of base training. Either in swimming, biking or running – I love logging easy miles. But – is logging easy miles all there is to it? Is somebody about to spoil my love for base training ?!

Should you rotate your running shoes?

Well absolutely, as long as you keep them on the right foot! (I am already ashamed I made this joke).

Want to improve your running? (Who doesn’t?) Jason from Strength Running gives you 4 tips

I’ll spoil 2 of them: a) start doing Strides a couple of times a week b) Learn to love negative splits.

Well, now you have to read the other two !

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