Slick Bib – When You Are Tired of Safety Pins

Slick Athletics, a rising athletic apparel company, announced that they have launched a crowdfunding project for their first product offering – THE SLICK BIB.

The Slick Bib is a fashionable running top that is equipped with a transparent and well ventilated pocket integrated on the front which allows the runner to easily and quickly slide the race number in and out.

This is to be used to replace safety-pins at organized races.

It seems to be a good fit for all types of races but especially for non-traditional themed runs where there is a high potential for safety-pin related injuries and damaged shirts such as Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, and the Spartan Race.

We personally have not trialed or tested the product but think it has potential. Check it out for yourself by viewing more details about the Slick Bib on their Kickstarter project page. What do you think?

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