Foundations of Great Running Technique

Regardless of whether you’re a new runner, seasoned marathoner or experienced triathlete, running form is an important element of both achieving optimal performance and remaining injury-free throughout your training and racing.

Much is spoken about running technique, both online and in the press. Posture us usually correctly cited as an important element to perfect to find the best running form for your body.

But what dictates and drives your running posture?

I’m a big believer that pelvic position and dynamic control at the hip, pelvis and lumbar region, is a huge determining factor in how well an athlete can maintain good running posture.

If a runner is unable to control their pelvis in three dimensional motion while running, their posture will suffer, placing excessive stress on structures such as their lower back and knees.

Hip Mobility & Core Strength: Working Together

Posture is an important part of our online running technique course, in which we often speak of the hip flexors (particularly Rectus Femoris) as being a big culprit in pulling an athlete’s pelvis out of optimal alignment when tight. However, commonly the abdominals need also to be re-educated as we run.

My partner Holly does a great job of demonstrating the simple interaction between abdominal activity and pelvic position in this quick video below…

Next time you’re out running, try to consider the ‘Magic Zip’ keeping your abdominals gently tightened to maintain your pelvic position, and feel the difference made to your running posture.

Be sure not to hold your breath or strain, this should be a relaxed and sustainable contraction.

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