In this video, I want to look at what makes Olympic medalist, four-time Olympian, American record holder, and world-class marathoner Shalane Flanagan such an efficient runner… and give some cues for how you can work on your own running technique to develop a more effective, efficient stride


Running Technique Comparison: Which Are You More Like?

Last week I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel, comparing the running techniques of two age group triathletes I work with here in the UK. When observing and assessing running form, I always like to see what happens when the athlete is running under fatigue. This shows a far more insightful view of [&hellip


Foundations of Great Running Technique

Regardless of whether you’re a new runner, seasoned marathoner or experienced triathlete, running form is an important element of both achieving optimal performance and remaining injury-free throughout your training and racing.


The Benefits of Running on Varied Surfaces

Many top coaches and athletes swear by doing the majority of their training on soft surfaces. Alberto Salazar, coach to Mo Farah, Galen Rupp amongst other at Nike's Oregon Project is a notable advocate of running the majority of an athlete's milage on grass


Dynamic Balance Training For Runners

It often amazes me how unstable many otherwise very accomplished athletes are when we put their balance to the test. Putting them on a stable surface while controlling the motion of their centre of mass as their limbs move around on a stable base, much like running, often proves quite a challenge


How Well Do Your Hips Move?

One of the first hip screening exercises I remember being taught as an Undergraduate student is the Thomas Test, explained below. The test and it's variations can be used to assess a number of structures around the anterior hip. I still use it as one of my go-to tests today when assessing a runner's physical attributes


Most runners are familiar with the term ‘Shin Splints’. It has to be one of the most common of the annoyingly generic terms commonly used to describe a handful of similar (but importantly different) issues affecting the lower leg – particularly the medial border of the tibia – the inner aspect of the shin bone


Two Simple Running Technique Cues for Your Next Workout

Runners often ask me to give an example of an athlete with “perfect running technique“… The reality is, that the concept of there being one ideal running form is non-sense. We’re all completely different, in so many ways. When it comes to coaching running technique, it’s very important that we look


Running Form: Knee Lift & Foot Placement

Despite the media momentum surrounding barefoot running, forefoot running and alike, you can still go to any distance running event and clearly observe that the vast majority of runners are indeed heel strikers


Forefoot Running: Avoid This Common Mistake!

Have you been tempted to try and change your running technique to adopt a forefoot or midfoot striking contact pattern? Making such a fundamental change at foot-level has certainly be en vogue amongst runners and triathletes in recent years, with lots of media rhetoric and pseudo-science fuelling the fire. Research is

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