New Brooks Running Shoes for Spring 2016

Adrenaline 16, Defyance 9, Neuro, Transcend 3, ELMN8, Cascadia 11, PureFlow 5, 2QW-K, Ravenna 7, the Wire 4, Launch 3, PureCadence 5

Brooks Running is releasing a lot of running shoes, both updates and new introductions, in Spring Summer 16. Here’s a preview:

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

adrenaline 16

The Adrenaline – Brooks premier stability shoe – will be back from 11/01 in 4 colors for men and 4 for women. Changes to this fan favorite are a new conformable saddle that completes the no-sew upper with deeper v-grooves in the midsole to make it more flexible and enhance cushioning. It will keep its 12mm drop. Retail price $120.

Brooks Defyance 9

Defyance 9

The Defyance comes back with a substantially unchanged version. 12mm drop, a slightly tuned upper offers moisture management and a medial saddle to help keep the foot in place. 12mm drop, available from 12/01 for Retail Price of $120.

Brooks Neuro


Now, here’s something new. The Neuro is built around the concept of “propulsion pods” which are meant to adapt the cushioning and provide energy return. We have seen this kind of technology before and have not been particularly impressed – but early reports of wear testers were quite enthusiastic. The upper is built on a “hammock system” where the eyelets are tighten and wrap under the foot to improve the fit and align with the shape of the foot. A 6mm drop shoe, for fast runs, coming 03/01 next year retailing for $130.

Brooks Transcend 3

Transcend 3

The Transcend is back in its 3rd version. Brooks’ premium cushioning shoe releases on 01/01 and retails for $170. Most notable mentions are the laser-cut mesh in the upper and the use of Brooks new Super-DNA cushioning in the midsole. 8mm drop and a touch of stability.

Brooks 3 ELMN8


The 3 ELMN8 is a fast, extra-light spike from Brooks. Weighting in at only 4.1 ounces, it has a propulsion plate in the midsole that should deliver speed in mid-distance races. Priced at $120, comes out on 02/01 next year.

Brooks Cascadia 11

cascadia 11

This long time trail classic features a 4 pivot point system (we are not clear what it is…) and a rock plate. 10mm drop, 11.8 ounces of weight, it will be available 01/01 for $120 suggested retail price.

Brooks PureFlow 5

pureflow 5

Weighting at 9.2 ounces with a 4mm drop, the PureFlow is a lightweight neutral shoe which focuses on midsole flexibility and a seamless upper. Available 01/01, recommended retail price $110.

Brooks 2QW-K


Another spike, now for sprints. One piece upper and a full-lenght sprint plate (with a very aggressive look). 5.7 ounces, available 12/01 for a $110 recommended retail price.

Brooks Ravenna 7

ravenna 7

I know I am looking forward to this one. The Ravenna has established itself as great mix of soft cushioning and support for overpronators (if you pass us the term, in 2015). This new version comes with a simplified upper with a redesigned toe area to increase the space and reduce abrasion area. With a 10mm drop and weighting 10.7 ounces, the Ravenna 7 launches on 01/01 for a recommended $120 retail price.

Brooks the Wire 4


The wire 4 completes our list of spikes, this time for good old long distance. At an incredible 3.8 ounces, the Wire 4 has 3D printed overlays, a distance plate to help push the extra little and has a ultra-soft construction – to give you comfort and saving the weight of a sockliner. Available 12/01, it will cost $120

Brooks Launch 3


The Launch is a cushioned shoe that focuses on low weight and a very responsive ride. The upper is completely redesigned: seamless and 3D printed. Weights 9.8 ounces and it will retail for $100 at its launch (pun not intended) on 01/01

Brooks PureCadence 5


Last in this overview is the 5th version of the PureCadence. Adding a touch of support to the Pure line, it has a seamless 3D printed upper and a slightly more structured sole than the PureFlow. Weighting at 9.7 ounces and retailing for $120, it will be available from 02/01.

Quite a few updates from Brooks. We are about to put our hands (and feet) on all of them so stay tuned for the reviews!

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