New Saucony Running Shoes for Spring 2016

Saucony is coming up in 2016 with a lot of new shoes.

The biggest change is the introduction of their new “EVERUN” foam material and its use in the shoes. Let’s start with the new material.

According to Saucony, EVERUN is more responsive (83%) than their previous materials and its properties last 3 times as long.

In terms of its use, a layer of EVERUN is positioned not (only) in the midsole, but directly under the sockliner (see picture below). What this promises is to distribute the force over a wider area and closer to the foot.


Let’s look at the shoes that will feature EVERUN in Spring 2016.

Saucony Triumph ISO 2

Triumph ISO 2

The Triumph is Saucony’s premium cushioning offer – a good candidate for the new material. Available on 11/1, it will cost $150 and feature a 8mm drop, weighting in at 10.2 ounces.

Saucony Peregrine 6

Peregrine 6

The Peregrine is the trail cousin of the best-selling Kinvara. Available 1/1, it will weight 9.4 ounces. 4mm drop, $120 recommended retail price.

Saucony Kinvara 7

Kinvara 7

At 7.7 ounces comes the Kinvara. One of the best selling shoes since its inception, it will be available on 3/1. Usual 4mm drop and $110 recommended retail price.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2

Hurricane ISO 2

Hurricane, Saucony’s answer to Kayanos and Odysseys, will also feature EVERUN foam. Priced at $160, it will launch on 1/1 and will weight 10.8 ounces. 8mm drop.

Saucony Guide 9

Guide 9

Last in this overview is the Guide 9 – Saucony’s light stability shoe. Full-length EVERUN and 8mm drop it is priced $120. Available already on 11/1 it will weight 9.7 oz.

So… what is the one you are looking forward? Let us know in the comments! And stay tuned for the reviews – we’ll put these all to the test!

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