[Cool Stuff] How the Adidas Ultra Boost is Made [Video]

Hypebeast produced a very interesting video showing how the Adidas Ultra Boost is made.

The great team at HYPEBEAST just released a very cool video showing the behind the scenes on how the new Adidas Ultra Boost, with its PrimeKnit upper is made in the factory.

The PrimeKnit upper needs to be CAD drawn on the computer. After that, 3 colors are mixed. The weaving machine starts its job by knitting the full upper. Each piece is checked.

Using a shape and a cutting machine, holes for lining and tongue are created.

Labels get glued to the insole.

The plastic parts of the upper are sewn on top of the PrimeKnit.

At this step, the uppers get a second quality check.

The uppers are lasted which means a plastic shape of a foot is inserted to keep the upper in the exact form it will have once the shoe is finished.

The plastic heel counter and the rubber outsole are glued (by hand) to the Boost midsole.

The trickiest part is to glue the upper over the sole unit – which is done by hand, usually by the most skilled workers in the factory.

The last gets removed and the shoes are ready to be put into the shoeboxes!

Here’s the complete video: enjoy !

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