9 Nike Custom Shoes Inspired by Tarantino Movies

What happens when you leave a Tarantino fan customise some shoes on Nike ID?

Mitchell Bradshow (email: bradshawmitchell9953@gmail.com) is a huge Tarantino fan.

Kill Bill is one of his all-time favourite movies. A few days ago he was playing around in the Nike iD store and thought about creating a pair of Air Max 1 with colours inspired by the movie.

The result here:

Once he posted this on the Sneakers community on reddit he received very positive feedback and that motivated him to lay out the posters of Tarantino’s 9 main movies and create a special edition for each one of them.

Once he finished designing the shoes on the Nike site, Mitchell fired up Photoshop CS6, laid down all the posters and added the shoes to them. He added a few finishing touches that were not possible on the store itself (such as some custom-designed graphics) and after a few hours here’s the final result:

Let’s have a closer look to each one:

For Reservoir Dogs, he choose a white/black/red accents color scheme with blood spatter added to the white midsole. The finishing touch here are the little lines on the Swoosh: there’s one for each main character – Mr Blue, Mr Pink…

For what is MY favorite Tarantino movie, Mitchell chose to customise a Nike Dunk Low with the orange, red and black colors of the iconic poster for the movie. Added later the writing on the midsole taken from the dictionary definition of pulp.

For Jackie Brown, a very clean blue/dark blue/black Air Max 1 with a yellow swoosh with a red outline that calls back to the movie title in the poster.

For the two Kill Bill movies, a yellow (Kill Bill vol 1) and a Black (vol 2) Air Max 1. Both with blood spatter on the midsoles and a “vol 1/2” design on the lateral side of the heel counter.

Remember Death Proof, with Kurt Russel and Rose McGowan? The fresh Air Max Zero takes on the simple color scheme of the poster in white/black/red, adding the skull and crossbones to the heel.

For Inglorious Basterds, Mitchell used a Nike Dunk with a black and green color combo to mimic the uniform colors. Red is the swoosh and the little logo on the heel is Mitchell’s own “bear jew”, one of the iconic characters of the movie.

For Django a pair of Huaraches, with the same colors as the poster, the necessary blood spattered midsole and – sweet little touch – Mitchell inserted a broken chain on the plastic heel counter.

Last, the Hateful 8. For a movie that takes place during a blizzard, the white and light blue color scheme is very soft and relevant. So is the grey midsole with the white snow freckles.
Final touch, the eight lines on the heel…

I want to thank Mitchell for allowing me to present his work. Mitchell has no experience in shoe design – but he obviously has some talent.

Now the hope is that more people get inspired and maybe try creating custom shoes for more movie franchises….

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