Altra introduces its first ever racing flat

Last week, Altra dropped their latest shoe style to the web

On Febuary 21, Altra launched their first ever racing flat in five different colours – the Vanish-R.


The Vanish-R weighs 3.9 ounces with a stack height of 14mm, giving this model the lowest weight and stack height out of all of Altra’s shoes.

According to the website, the trainer can either be worn as a road shoe, a technique training tool or a fast flat.


Left side view of the Vanish-R

It also comes with Altra’s FootShape toe box and Zero Drop platform, which means that the shoe has a zero heel-to-toe drop and is designed closely to the shape of the human foot.

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Golden Harper, Altra’s founder said:

“Altra’s distinctive FootShape toe box is ideal for a racing flat — it allows the big toe to straighten out, for a faster, more powerful toe-off and more natural stability.”

He continued:

“Our balanced, level cushioning, known as Zero Drop, provides two performance benefits in a go-fast shoe. First, it allows for deeper loading of the spring system of the lower leg, allowing for a more explosive push off. Second, it makes the foot to land closer to the body, reducing ground contact time, so the muscles don’t have to work for as long on each step.”

The shoe features a built-in Propel Plate push-off detail, which claims to help the runner to ‘spring forward’ and provide ‘maximum energy return.’

According to Altra, the Vanish-R is suitable for short runs to strengthen the feet and develop the technique, as well as for speed work.

Bottom view of Altra’s Vanish-R

The website also stated that the ‘lightweight and breathable’ upper knit will ensure a dry and comfortable run.

Harper also said:

“Unlike traditional racing flats that rob performance and comfort by crowding your toes, the Vanish-R allows for comfortable toe splay.”

Where to buy

The Altra Vanish-R can be bought from or from a local running store near to you.

Some of the online retailers who stock Alta include Road Runner, Back Country, Shoe Buy, Running Warehouse, as well as, Zappos and Outdoor Equipped.

The RRP is $100, which is $19 cheaper than the Altra Torin 3.0, which was given 5 stars by user ratings.

To read this review go to:

Sizing for the shoe is unisex and is available in the following colors; neon yellow and pink, yellow and grey, black, electric blue and racing red.

Altra, running flat

The Vanish-R in neon yellow and pink

About Altra

Altra has created 25 different shoe styles since the company was founded in 2011 by Golden Harper and Brian Beckstead.

The website has an ‘Altra Shoe Finder’ quiz, which claims to help runners find the right Altra shoe for them.

Within the quiz, you will be asked a series of seven questions about your cushioning preferences, what your primary use would be and other general subjects.

At the end, you will be suggested multiple shoe styles that could be suitable for your requirements.

The quiz can be found at:

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