Adidas website hacked – “few million” users data stolen

Last Thursday June 28th, adidas released a brief statement – announcing that they will be alerting users of their website about a potential data breach incident.

Adidas, continues the statement, has become aware on June 26th that an unauthorised third party (read: hackers) gained access to its servers and claims that they have acquired data about some of adidas customers.

According to preliminary investigations, adidas believes the stolen user data regard contact information, usernames and encrypted passwords. They presume credit card data was not stolen.

The statement does not include the number of users impacted, but apparently one of their spokesmen told Newsweek that the impacted users are a few million”.

If you have an account on the adidas website (I do), just to be sure I would advise to change your password and wait to hear from Adidas if they believe your account has been impacted and what you can do to insure the safety of your personal information.

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