The Saucony Endorphin Pro is Out – But Already Out of Stock for Men

2020. This is the year running shoe brands were meant to catch up with Nike in the Carbon Plate running shoe race. Nike itself, Adidas, Saucony, Hoka One One… everybody was ready to release these fast shoes and battle it out at the Marathon Majors or the Tokyo Olympics.

Then comes the virus, events are cancelled all around the world and these Carbon Plate releases get anticipated, then postponed…

Well finally Saucony decided to release the Endorphin Pro – in their words “These shoes weren’t made for chasing personal bests. They were made for smashing them.”

Ok. So, us being the Running Shoes Guru, I went on the Saucony website to purchase a pair.

Guess what? “Men Sold Out”.

In a day since their release. That begs the question.. how many pairs did they have to start with?

Was this a limited release, meant to make people talk about the shoes without actually having to really sell them? Was this an incredible success that completely overwhelmed and surprised the planners at Saucony?

And if this is the case, when can we get our hands (or feet – to use the oldest joke in the shoe blogging world) on a pair?

  • If you are female, they are still available at Saucony’s website
  • If you are male, you can pre-order them at Running Warehouse and they’ll ship on July 1st.

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