Updated: May 12th, 2024
Best Stability Running Shoes – May 2024

After testing dozens of stability running shoes in the past months, here are our top picks.

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  • We run at least 50 miles in each shoe. We test each shoe in various conditions and paces.
  • We review more than 120 shoes each year. We strive to test almost any running shoe out there.
  • We have been doing this since 2009. We know what we are talking about.

Saucony Guide 17 – Our favorite right now

Picture of Saucony Guide 17

Treading the line between a traditional stability running shoe and a max-cushioned trainer, here is the Saucony Guide 17.

It has stability features such as a wider foot base, higher side walls and an asymmetrical profile – but also features such a 6mm drop and a forefoot rocker.

This combination makes the Guide 17 a pleasure to run with, especially for longer mileage.

Who should buy the Saucony Guide 17?

This shoe is for the runner who is looking for a smooth and gentle ride. It’s great for long distances.

Want to know more? Come check out the Saucony Guide 17 review!

New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v6 – Most balanced

Picture of New Balance Fresh Foam X Vongo v6

The Vongo is a relatively new shoe in the New Balance lineup. It comes as a “modern” version of their 860 line of running shoes, but without an old-style medial post.

The result is a healthy balance of stability, cushion, and comfort (that does not feel as heavy as it is). One of its greatest traits is a smooth and efficient toe-off.

It’s difficult to explain this shoe as a sum of its parts: everything comes together for a smooth, comfortable and propelled run – all while delivering a good amount of stability for runners who over-pronate or simply want the peace of mind of some extra protection for their ankles.

Who should buy the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v6?

Middle to long distance runners who want some stability in their cushioned ride will enjoy Vongo v6 for daily training including long runs, Tempo work, and longer speed intervals.

Want to know more? Come check out our full New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v6 review!

Asics Kayano 30 – Premium Comfort

Picture of ASICS Gel Kayano 30

Possibly the oldest shoe in this overview (it came out in summer 2023) but still the one I – personally – wear the most. Cherry on top: you’re very likely to find them on discount somewhere right now! You can check the price comparison to see the best offer here.

Asics completely revamped their most popular shoe in 2023 and came out with an absolute success.

The Kayano 30 is comfortable. The sole is soft but not too squishy, the wide base provides a great degree of stability and the upper is, at least to my feet, just perfect.

Although it is a touch heavier than 10 ounces, I can clearly say that it feels like a much lighter shoe than previous Kayanos while running in them.

Who should buy the Asics Kayano 30?

A runner who wants a rebuilt Eco-friendly stability trainer ready to take them through any training plan.

Want to know more? Come read the Asics Kayano 30 review!

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 – Always evolving

Picture of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23

Possibly the most “traditional” of the stability shoes in this overview, the Adrenaline was one of the first shoes to adopt “guiderail” technology to improve stability.

Now a solution common to most stability shoes, guiderails are raised “walls” around the midsole that help encapsulate and maintain the foot stable during the running gait.

Drop stays at 12mm (while it’s usually lower on the other shoes in this overview) while the sole gets more bouncy.

Although on paper this version of the Adrenaline is quite similar to the previous one, there is not a single aspect of the shoe that has not been improved: from the lacing to the stability, from the upper breathability to the fit.

Who should buy the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23?

This would be for a runner who wants a dependable long lasting stability trainer.

As usual, you can read the full review of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 here.

Hoka Gaviota 5 – Just so comfortable

Picture of HOKA Gaviota 5

Hoka is famous for high-stack shoes with a lot of cushioning. Their stability lineup only sees two shoes: the Gaviota and the Arahi. Of the two, the Gaviota is a much better shoe.

What you can expect from the Gaviota 5 is extreme comfort. Thanks to its geometry and the materials used, the Gaviota provides a good amount of support while keeping plush underfoot and hugging the foot.

It’s not your best bet for fast efforts (even though it’s bad either), but it will also shine as an everyday walking/standing shoe.

Who should buy the Hoka Gaviota 5?

Gaviota’s updated midsole supports runners who supinate (run on the outside of the foot) as well as overpronate (roll excessively in) and is especially suited for long and recovery runs; it is also a great shoe for walkers and those on their feet all day who need supportive shoes.

Check our full review of the Hoka Gaviota 5!

Altra Paradigm 7 – Zero Drop Stability

Picture of Altra Paradigm 7

The Paradigm is a unique shoe – it is, at the same time:

  • a zero drop shoe;
  • a max cushioned shoe;
  • a stability shoe

We’ve seen that most stability shoes are also becoming max cushioned lately (almost all previous shoes in this overview) – but zero drop? Is Altra pushing it too much?

After our testing we can say that it actually works.

It’s definitely not a shoe for everyone and maybe not for beginners. The zero drop forces you on your toes and works the calves much more than more traditional running shoes.

But if you want to make the transition to a more natural running style while still getting protection against over-pronation you should give the Paradigm 7 a try. It might change your running experience.

Who should buy the Altra Paradigm 7?

A runner who is looking to step out of their comfort zone and try a unique stability trainer.

Here you can find our full review of the Paradigm 7

What’s your go-to stability shoe? Which ones you’d like to try! Let us know and/or leave any question in the comments!

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