Peaking for Performance: One Week to Go!

In the last week prior to your marathon, you can do far more harm than good in terms of training. Now is the time to rest-up, eat well, and taper your training back to induce freshness and an excitement for running.


Shoes for Competitive Runners

If you are racing the marathon to achieve a specific time goal or to place high in your age group (or overall), you will need to consider a lighter shoe option than traditional trainers. This shoe will still provide protection from the demands of the distance, but will have a more stream-lined design with fewer [&hellip


Treatment of Running Injuries

Assuming you are like 75-80% of runners, you will have something get sore or painful over the course of a year’s running time.


Peaking for Performance: Running to Win

Training will get you ready for the event - the trick is to make sure your fitness will be at its peak right at that time. Coach Peyton explains today the basics concepts about peaking for maximum performance


The Right Marathon Racing Shoe for You

Quality footwear is the only real “gear” a runner needs to complete a successful jaunt around the neighborhood or to win the local 5K. But what about shoes for the marathon? That even requires special preparation and a large time commitment, so do you need special shoes, as well

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