Newton Aha 2 Review

The Newton Aha brings the brand’s hallmark design features to the mainstream in a very accessible package. Neutral runners will enjoy the ergonomic outsole design and lightweight cushioning, while those with more pronation will appreciate the stabilizing effect the forefoot lugs provide. While outsole durability may be an


Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 3 Review

The Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 3 is a great trail shoe that will please everyone from recreational runners to competitive ultra-marathoners with a neutral gait. It has a high-level of traction and provides adequate protection underfoot over rocky terrain. However, it's low-profile design may require a break-in period for some runners


Pearl Izumi EM ROAD N3 Review

The Pearl Izumi E:Motion Road N3 is the brand’s most recent answer to the ‘maximalist’ running shoe movement. It features abundant cushioning and a luxurious upper with limited extra weight. While suited well for daily road running, the elevated platform of the Road N3 may not be appropriate for technical terrain.


Mizuno Wave Hitogami 2 Review

The Mizuno Wave Hitogami 2 follows the first edition’s fit and feel specifically geared towards long distance racing. With a lower-profile design than many Mizuno offerings, the Hitogami 2 will please many runners looking for greater proprioception off the ground and a smooth turnover at faster paces


A Formula to Calculate your Ideal Running Weight

While the goals may differ between recreational runners and competitive athletes, there very well may be an optimum weight for you as a runner. However, that optimum weight is extremely different from person to person! Keep reading to find out how to calculate the optimum weight for you!


New Balance 1600 v2 Review

The New Balance 1600 v2 is a fast, responsive racing shoe for serious runners at any level of the sport. This update from the NB competition line fills the gap well between the company’s track spikes and heftier long distance racing footwear


Skechers GoRun Extreme Review

The Skechers GoRun Extreme is a maximally cushioned neutral trainer suitable for a variety of running surfaces. Featuring a water-repellant upper for wet weather conditions, the Extreme is a great choice for training in rain or snow. This shoe would also be a prime candidate for ultra-marathoners needing plenty of cushioning


Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Review

The Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 upholds the company’s long-standing tradition of cushioning and responsiveness blended into one package. This shoe is suitable for both high-mileage performance runners and beginners alike. It is a great choice for high school athletes just taking up the sport, or for those looking for a sturdy,


Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2 Review

The Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2 is a solid lightweight option for neutral runners seeking a responsive ride and adequate cushioning to go the distance. Mizuno fans will love the stream-lined design paired with the brand’s typical Wave technology. However, newcomers to the company’s line may have trouble adjusting their gait to


Newton Motion III Review

The Newton Motion III hits a homerun in the performance stability category. The ride is responsive, smooth, and accommodating underfoot, yet light enough for marathon training and racing.


ECCO BiomEvo Trainer Pro Review

The ECCO Trainer Pro did not suit my personal taste in running shoes very well, but does fill the cushioned neutral category for the company as a whole. A host of runners will love the broad platform, dense cushioning, and comfortable upper for their daily training. The shoe is also more visually appealing than some of the


Pearl Izumi E: Motion Road N1 Review

The Pearl Izumi E: Motion N1 is a great go-to shoe for a variety of runners. For those who are used to Pearl Izumi’s more traditional options, the N1 will be a pleasant surprise given their blending of cushioning with more minimal features on the outsole


Topo Athletic MRR (Racer) Review

TheTopo Men’s RR hits the sweet spot between tradition and minimalism. As Goldilocks would say, it feels “just right” for faster training and racing. The split-toe design will not be for everyone due to aesthetics and/or function, but those who have tried other low-profile trainers will appreciate the functionality of

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