Forefoot Running: Avoid This Common Mistake!

Have you been tempted to try and change your running technique to adopt a forefoot or midfoot striking contact pattern? Making such a fundamental change at foot-level has certainly be en vogue amongst runners and triathletes in recent years, with lots of media rhetoric and pseudo-science fuelling the fire. Research is


Hamstring Exercises for Runners

James Dunne provides a list of exercises to build hamstring strength in runners. These floor based and functional exercises will help to improve muscle balance around the hip and knee


Plyometric Training For Runners

James looks at the benefits of plyometric training for distance runners. Adding hops, jumps, bounds to your running training can help improve running efficiency


Build Strong Feet For Running

There are some measures you can take to develop increased strength and resilience for your feet - helping you to become a stronger runner, from the ground upwards


Foot Placement or Foot Strike?

We take a look at a simple and common piece of running terminology and it's impact on the technique of runners. In particular the way the foot hits the ground


10 Tips for New Minimalist Runners

James Dunne shares his top ten tips for runners making the change to minimalist shoes. Lean how to avoid the common errors made by new minimalist runners!


Tips on Proper Running Form

Regardless of level of experience and ability, it’s important for runners to understand basic elements of running, particularly with form


Shoes for Pose Running

Runners are understandably very interested in the topic of running shoes, since without running shoes most runners would be unable to train, or at least train with any significant mileage. Or would they?


What is Pose Running – Part II

There is a lot of confusion out there on the specifics about Pose Running Technique. I’ll do my best not add to that confusion with this brief overview, but unfortunately Pose Running Technique is “deceptively simple”, and there is a lot of subtlety that is difficult to convey within a few paragraphs. However,