Adidas Adipure Gazelle Review

The Adidas Adipure Gazelle is a great addition to the line of minimalist shoes on the market. It has an outstanding design and remarkable craftsmanship


Adidas Adipure Motion Review

An excellent shoe for runners interested in trying minimalist shoes for the first time. Discomfort is minimized for beginners due to added cushioning


How to Find a (Good) Running Coach

If an individual wishes to hire a professional coach, where are some places to look? What are some reasonable qualities to expect from a professional coach and how much would it cost for private coaching?


2012 London Paralympic Marathon Preview

One example of an athlete overcoming tremendous adversity is the story of Martine Wright, a strong willed woman who lost both her legs when suicide bombers set explosives on board three London Underground trains in 2005, killing 52 people.


Want to Be a World Class Sprinter? Get a Good Coach

During an Olympic year, there is always added interest in the athletic events, particularly those in the Track and Field category. There were many outstanding performances at this year’s Summer Olympics in London and among the most memorable were the gold medal performances by Jamaica’s Usain Bolt in the Men’s 100


Tips on Proper Running Form

Regardless of level of experience and ability, it’s important for runners to understand basic elements of running, particularly with form


Contenders in the Men’s 10,000m at the 2012 Olympics

One of the marquee events at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London is the Men’s 10,000 meters final on Saturday August 4th. Fortunately for the host country, one of the favorites to win the grueling event is of British heritage. But whether or not he can capture the gold medal in the highly anticipated event [&hellip


Many endurance runners will often forgo spending time with strength training for one reason or another. But for overall fitness, particularly during the offseason, there are many benefits that can be gained for most any endurance runner, whether it’s for a 5K race or a marathon


Ten Top Running Races in the World

Runners of all levels are always searching for travel destinations that incorporate a fabulous vacation getaway and a great running race.  While elite runners will tend to travel to cities that offer the biggest prize money, it doesn’t mean that other runners can enjoy the same races. Obviously there are far too many

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