Top 10 Running Apps for Android (updated 2017)

Running is one of the few good ways to burn those extra calories, lighten up your mood and strengthen your core muscles. Not so long ago, you had to hook up special peripheral devices to track your pace, distance and heartbeat, but you can now measure all of these and do a lot more at your fingertips, right from your Android smartphone.

From tracking your every move to turning your workout into a fun-filled adventure, these running apps have been designed to turn you into a lean machine, while taking the boredom out of your runs.

There are hundreds of running apps available on the Play Store, but we have compiled, reviewed and ranked the best running apps for your Android smartphone, so that you can kick-off on the right foot and enjoy the best workout experience.

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[Update: The post has been updated to include the top running apps for Android in 2017.]

10) Running for Weight Loss

Nearly everyone makes a new year resolution to stay healthy and fit, but how many of us actually succeed? While most of us lack the consistency to follow the set schedule, the truth is that– we simply don’t have a well defined strategy to reach our fitness goals.

Running for weight loss is an app with a “plan”.

Instead of taking a randomized approach to achieving higher level of fitness, the app provides a pre-defined training plan for achieving your fitness goals– be it losing 10 kilos in twelve weeks or preparing to run a 5K marathon in two months.

It comes with a built-in audio coach that guides you through your runs and keeps you motivated. It tracks your pace, distance and heart-beat, so that you understand how much calories you’re burning and whether you’re improving with every workout. It also keeps you motivated with tips and inspirational quotes, ensuring that you go the distance and stick to your goals.

To make the workouts even more effective, the app also offers a rigorous diet plan that you can follow to multiply the effect of workouts. For instance, you can browse through the delicious healthy recipes in the app and create your own personalized diet plan that perfectly complements your fitness goals.

That being said, it’s best-suited for beginners and enthusiasts who want to jump-start their running schedule, and may not be very appealing to advanced runners.


  • Proactive, adaptive training with built-in audio coach
  • Optimized for weight-loss or marathon training
  • Offers personalized diet-plan for achieving fitness goals


  • Drains battery when used for prolonged duration
  • Not recommended for advanced runners as you can’t skip training

Recommended if…

  • You’re a beginner and want an easy-to-follow plan for running 5 or 10 kms
  • You want to gradually build up your stamina and lose weight
  • You need motivation to complete your runs

Compatible with: Fitbit and Runkeeper

Download on the PlayStore

(Free with In-App Purchases)

9) RunGo

While tracking fitness statistics and listening to upbeat music on your smartphone makes up for a great running experience, more than often, people get caught up in finding the right route for their runs, especially if they’re new to the city.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an app that frees you up from the hassle of constantly looking at the map and instead gives turn-by-turn voice directions, so that you can focus more on running?

RunGo is an app that every adventurous runner would love. Apart from tracking statistics like time, pace, distance and elevation, RunGo provides real-time voice navigation and suggests the best routes near your area, so that you don’t have to worry about taking a wrong turn on a crowded street or getting lost in an unknown place.

Just like how Google Maps allows you to save maps offline, you can download your favorite runs on your smartphone, and the app would then work even offline (can be quite useful if you’re trekking or going to remote areas where there’s little connectivity).

RunGo is also a great app for people who travel to a lot of different cities, and want to explore the safe and scenic areas, as RunGo automatically announces points of interest and interesting information, as you pass them. RunGo also offers optional log-in, which means you can just download the app and go for a run (no need to worry about privacy).


  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation lets you focus on the run
  • Makes running more adventurous and exciting
  • Stores fitness statistics (pace, duration, distance, routes, etc.) locally on your iPhone
  • Works offline, thereby saving data and battery


  • No integrated support for music
  • Works best in only selected metro cities

Recommended if…

  • You don’t like running and want an app that literally pushes you to go the distance
  • You want to make your runs entertaining and immersive

Supported Cities: Vancouver, San Francisco, LA, Boston, New York, Chicago, London, UK and Sydney, Australia.

Download on the PlayStore

(Free with In-App Purchases)

8) Runkeeper

Runkeeper has to be one of the best designed apps for professional runners and athletes. Its simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to keep a tab on your workout progress, and get statistics in real-time.

If you’re new to the city or not so good with remembering routes, you can even pre-plan your routes before you start running, so that you cover the exact amount of distance, without getting lost.

To make things even more convenient, the app provides real-time audio guidance, freeing you from the need to constantly check your smartphone. Just plug in your earphones, play your favourite tracks from your music Spotify library, and Runkeeper would blend in the audio updates with your music to give you an unique workout experience.

Additionally, it also lets you pick advanced training plans designed by some of the best professional fitness coaches to further improve your overall fitness and stamina. You can easily set any fitness goal– be it completing half marathon, losing weight or running certain amount of distance, and RunKeeper allows you to track its progress over time.

The app is available for free on Play Store, with the option to upgrade to Runkeeper Go. When you opt for the premium version, you can compare your daily workouts, get deeper insights on your progress, and gain access to personalized training plans that guide you towards your goals.


  • Highly accurate pace, distance, steps and calorie tracking
  • Adjust the pace of the workout to suit your mood and fitness level
  • Advanced 10k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon training plans
  • Maintain detailed workout history and share your progress with friends


  • Limited access in free version
  • Constant reminders to upgrade to Runkeeper Go

Recommended if …

  • You’re an advanced level athlete looking for personalized training plans
  • You want an app that’s simple, intuitive and easy-to-use
  • You wish to sync your runs with smart fitness devices or apps

Compatible with: Pebble, Android Wear, Fitbit, Garmin Forerunner, Withings wifi scales and apps like MyFitnessPal, Zombies Run and more.

Download on the Play Store

(Free with In-App Purchases)

7) Endomondo


For people who are into a lot of different fitness activities, including running, Endomondo is the perfect app.

Unlike other apps that are dedicated just to running, Endomondo is a clean, simple and easy-to-use app that lets you accurately track and log over 40+ fitness activities (running, cycling, walking, kayaking, mountain biking, etc.) from a single interface.

Just pick an activity, set a goal and let the Endomondo’s built-in audio coach guide you through it. It maintains a detailed training log of all your activities, and lets you analyze key performance metrics such as average speed and split times for each workout.

It connects with Google Fit to add fitness data to your dashboard and can easily be paired up with wearable devices like Garmin, Gear, Pebble, and Android Wear. It’s also integrated with services like MyFitnessPal, so that you can access your calorie and nutritional information right from the app.

Apart from seamless fitness tracking, social connect is one of the most exciting features offered by Endomondo. It’s a subtle attempt at pushing you forward by allowing you to race against your friend’s personal best, receive audio pep talks in real-time, and share your achievements on Facebook or Twitter.

Want a solid, no-nonsense app for tracking your runs and staying motivated? Get Endomondo on your smartphone now. Your endorphins would thank you later.


  • Clutter-free, easy-to-use interface
  • Accurately logs duration, speed, distance, calories, and more in your workout summary
  • Personalized training plans
  • Real-time audio pep talks from friends
  • Check out other people’s time on the route and take up challenges on-the-go


  • Can be inaccurate at times with distance tracking

Recommended if …

  • You’re a beginner and want a solid, no-nonsense running app
  • You like to socialize over your runs, and challenge friends in your neighbourhood

Compatible with: Garmin, Gear, Pebble, and Android Wear

Download on the Play Store

(Free with In-App Purchases)

6) adidas Train & Run

adidas Train & Run is an expert running app with real-time audio coaching that turns your Android smartphone into your personal trainer.

From tracking your runs in real-time to setting up training schedules, from teaching exercises that strengthen your core muscles to expert real-time voice coaching and audio feedback, adidas Train and Run helps you achieve all your goals– be it losing weight, getting out of couch, running a marathon, or improving strength and endurance.

The adidas app keeps your routine fresh and exciting by providing access to 100s of free cardio, strength and fitness training plans. It keeps you motivated with expert training tips and inspiration from weekly blog updates.

It also allows you to share training stats and workout photos instantly to Facebook, Instagram and other fitness platform like Myfitnesspal and Strava. The app can also be synced wirelessly with your Fit Smart accessory for tracking your everyday activity.

One of the most innovative features offered by the app is the ability to see how much effort you put in each zone through coloured route maps. Depending on your personal goals, the app would assess your overall progress and provide better insights on how to further improve your runs.

The best part, though, is that the app provides unrestricted access to all its content, without any subscription or recurring monthly charges.


  • Expert real-time voice coaching and feedback
  • Daily activity tracking, when paired with fitness devices like Fit Smart
  • Personalized strength training plans with detailed schedule
  • Professional training tips, motivation and advice
  • No monthly charges/fees


  • Limited integration with other smart fitness devices
  • Can lag a little on old Android devices

Recommended if …

  • You’re a beginner and want to turn your smartphone into a personal trainer
  • You own a Fit Smart band or any compatible accessory that works with miCoach

Compatible with: Fit Smart via Wireless Bluetooth™ syncing

Download on the Play Store

(Free Download)

5) RockMyRun


Research has proven that inspiring, lively music can have a powerful impact on your workout performance and can be the difference between giving it your all and losing the drive to push forward.

If you’re fed up of skipping tracks while running, and want music that really keeps up with your pace, it’s time to ditch your music library and say hello to RockMyRun.

With playlists curated by some of the most talented DJ’s like David Guetta, Zedd, Afrojack, Major Lazer, RockMyRun has been designed to give you the best workout experience.

The app provides 1000s of mixes, available in a wide array of genres, including Pop, Rock, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Seasonal, Country,R&B, Latin and more.

The mixes are built in BPM (beats per minute), which means that the app automatically adjusts the the rhythm and tempo of the song to match your steps. The end result is an amazingly elevating experience– not just physically, but also emotionally and psychologically.

RockMyRun also works seamlessly with other running apps, like, Nike+, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Runtastic and Endomondo, so that you can enjoy a complete workout experience.

Our take?

Give RockMyRun a try. You’ll be amazed to know how good music can not only improve your performance, but can also make your workouts more refreshing and enjoyable.


  • Increases motivation and keeps you going
  • Workout mixes from some of the most talented DJs and musicians
  • Works seamlessly with other running apps like Nike+, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Runtastic and Endomondo
  • Body Driven Music adjusts music tempo to match your steps


  • Limited accessibility in free version

Recommended if …

  • You’re tired of skipping songs in your playlist while running
  • You want to spice up your runs with rocking music that literally pushes you to go that extra mile

Compatible with: Nike+, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Runtastic and Endomondo

Download on the Play Store

(Free with in-app purchases)

4) Runtastic


Runtastic is an extraordinarily designed fitness app that’s packed with features that are too good to be true.

Unlike what the name suggests, Runtastic is a fitness app that’s not just designed for runners, but for athletes engaged in any outdoor fitness activity. From running, biking, skiing to kayaking and snowboarding, it allows you to maintain a log of all fitness activities, so that you can analyze your progress in great detail.

Besides tracking vital run metrics, like, distance, average speed, duration, calories burned, it also logs additional details about the weather, surface, overall mood, heart-rate, etc., letting you assess the overall effectiveness of your training not just from an intrinsic perspective, but also from an extrinsic perspective.

You can easily set a calorie, distance or pace goal at the tap of a button, and Runtastic will help you achieve it. In case you’re a beginner, the app comes with a built-in audio coach that provides real-time audio feedback based on your personal preferences.

Perhaps, the most impressive part of the app is is the Runtastic Earth View that allows you to watch your workout in 3D (Yes, you read that right. However, you might need to install the Google Earth app to make this feature work).

Some other amazing features offered by Runtastic, include Auto-Pause (automatically pauses session when you stop moving), Runtastic Wearable Connect (workout insights on Runtastic Orbit & Runtastic Moment), Live Tracking & Cheering (Upload photos, share location and send/receive cheers from your friends in real-time), and Running Leaderboard (Top performers of the week/month).

Download Runtastic if you love to mix up different fitness activities and want a feature-packed app that allows you to track everything you do outdoors.


  • Real-time GPS tracking of your favorite fitness activities
  • Detailed statistics and monthly workout charts
  • Integrated music player & Powersong for action-packed workout
  • Live cheering and social sharing
  • Auto-pause mode for convenient tracking


  • Pro version of the app is expensive

Recommended if …

  • You want a powerful, easy-to-use and effortless solution for tracking all your fitness activities
  • You wish to maintain a detailed history of your workouts

Compatible with: Runtastic Orbit & Moment

Download on the Play Store

(Free with In-App purchases)

3) Google Fit

Google Fit is to Android what Apple Health is to iOS.

It’s an easy and convenient way to track any fitness activity, set a fitness goal and measure your overall progress through intuitive charts. The app collects various data points like speed, pace, route, elevation, and uses intuitive charts to provide deeper insights into your workout.

Based on your individual goals and tracking data, Google Fit also provides you personalised recommendations that you can use to further boost your stamina and prolong workout durations.

But apart from its nifty analytical abilities, what we loved the most about Google Fit is its ability to aggregate fitness, nutrition, sleep and weight information from fitness apps like Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava and accessories like Android Wear, Withings and Xiaomi Mi bands.

Google Fit basically saves you from the hassle of using tens of different apps to keep track of everything. It simplifies fitness data aggregation for you, so that you have an unified interface for tracking your health data.

Also, keeping tab of all your activities is simple, with Google Fit providing you the flexibility to check the statistics from your smartphone, the web (, or even your Android Wear watch.


  • Tracks multiple fitness activities
  • Aggregation with popular fitness apps
  • Interactive charts with deep insights
  • Does not drain much battery


  • Does not provide suggestions for best routes
  • Integration issues with Android watch
  • Drains too much battery

Recommended if …

  • You use a plethora of fitness apps and want to integrate the data into an interactive dashboard
  • You want to passively track your every day activity, without draining much battery

Compatible with: Android Wear, Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Basis, Sleep as Android, Withings, and Xiaomi Mi bands.

Download on the Play Store

(Free download)

2) Strava


Strava is an unique fitness app designed exclusively for the competitive breed.

Want to know how your timings stack up against some of the best runners around the world? Want to connect with some of the fittest athletes and see how much they workout each day?

Strava is here for you.

Apart from tracking key statistics like pace, speed and calories burnt like other fitness apps, Strava pulls up list of different segments on your route while you’re on the run, and tells you how your timing stacks up against other runners around you.

For instance, Strava’s powerful goal tracking feature lets runners set a time, distance, power or segment goal, and track the progress on the go. It also comes clubbed with extensive performance metrics like Suffer Score (measures how hard you’re trying), Power Meter analysis (second-by-second performance) and Race analysis (visual breakdown of pace across a stretch) that provide in-depth insights to take your training to the next level.

Strava is also a great community app, for runners, who are looking to socialize and want to connect with other runners in the area. For example, Strava gives every runner an individual ranking based on their performance, so you’ll be able to instantly compare your weekly or monthly performance with your friends or other runners in the neighbourhood.

That being said, if you’re worried about your privacy and want to keep your activities truly private (for instance, you don’t want people to know where you are living!), stick with other running apps on the list.

Strava is strictly for alpha-runners, who want to keep the competitive spirit alive.


  • Track your runs and measure your activity in detail
  • Visualize your training with advanced performance metrics
  • Set personal records and see how you stack up against your friends
  • Join challenges from across the globe
  • Personalized coaching and live-feedback for extra motivation
  • Live fitness feed for viewing and sharing runs


  • Less control over what gets shared
  • Advanced analysis and goal tracking feature limited to premium members
  • Expensive membership

Recommended if …

  • You are a professional runner and want detailed pace distribution analysis to improve your overall performance
  • You’re a social butterfly and want an app that lets you connect with runners around you
  • You want to stay on top the game by taking up challenges and training harder

Compatible with: Almost all GPS running watches, cycling computers and activity trackers.

Download on the App Store

(Free/Paid Version: $5.99/month)

1) Pumatrac

While there are a lot of running apps that promise advanced tracking features,
most of them are just too heavy for entry level Android smartphones. If you’ve been looking for an app that’s light-weight, simple, and has all the advanced navigation capabilities, you’ll simply love Pumatrac.

Its clutter-free interface in black-and-white is extremely intuitive and minimalistic, making the app extremely easy to use while you’re on the run. While there’s no single feature that makes Pumatrac stand out from others, the app does a pretty good job of blending simplicity and advanced functionality.

For instance, Pumatrac can be used to track over 30+ fitness activities, apart from running. It comes with auto-pause capabilities, which means the app automatically pauses when you stop to catch a breath.

It also has an in-built social newsfeed that connects you with runners around you, and lets you be a part of the local running community. To keep you competitive, the app maintains an internal leaderboard, so that you can get real-time insights into how other active runners on the app are doing.

Just like RunGo, Pumatrac also lets you explore and navigate through different routes in your area. However, these runs are more user-defined, which means you would only be able to access routes that have been previously covered by runners.

Puma also realizes that consistency is the vital ingredient when it comes to achieving your fitness goals, which is why the app offers rewards for the most active runners, and keeps unlocking milestones as they progress further. It also maintains their run statistics and provides them key insights into every run, so that they can understand and visualize their progress.

Our word? Give Pumatrac a try. You won’t regret it.


  • Elegant, light-weight, and easy-to-use interface.
  • Real-time GPS tracking of 30+ fitness activities
  • Ability to discover and explore new running routes
  • Connect with other runners in your area


  • GPS mapping might be inaccurate at times
  • Auto-pause issues on selected Android devices

Recommended if …

  • You’re looking for a free running app that’s simple and easy-to-use
  • You want an app that combines the best features of all running apps

Compatible with: ANT+ and Bluetooth LE sensors

Download on the App Store

(Free Download)

Did we miss out on an amazing running app?

We updated the article, after considering feedback from our readers and personally trying out the apps for multiple runs. However, in case you have a personal favourite running app that did not make it to our list, please let us know in the comments section below.

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