Asics Evolution 4 Running Shoes Review

Asics Gel Evolution 4

Asics Gel Evolution 4

Full Name: Asics Gel Evolution 4
Category: Motion Control
Weight: 13.4 oz. (380 gr.)
Suggested Price: 110 $
Recommended For: Severe Over Pronators, Runners with low arch or flat feet
  • Asics Evolution 4 General Info:

The Asics Evolution 4 is a Motion Control Shoe which means it is built to support the over-collapsing arch of a severe over pronator.  Extra elements of stability are added on the midsole in order to provide the foot with the adequate cushioning in certain areas and instead supporting some other.

  • Asics Evolution 4 Sole Unit:

The sole unit includes all of the latest Asics’ technologies, but they are fine-tuned to fit the needs of an over pronator.

First and most important, the DuoMax injection of a firmer foam in the medial side of the midsole (you can recognize it as the darker, grey part). This insertion is preventing your arch from collapsing too much, while the rest of the foot, such as the heel and the toe, can receive the necessary cushioning.

Another essential part is the plastic shank (Asics’ Space Trusstics System) that wraps the midsole and, for this shoe, actually goes all the way back, inside the DuoMax foam towards the heel. The shank is a key component of a shoe’s stability, as it prevents the disalignment of the foot axe of the heel and the one in the toe. And we expect the shank to be more accentuated in a Motion Control shoe. The one present in the Asics Evolution 4 is one of the best on the market.

Of course Gel technology is in charge of the cushioning of high impact areas as the heel and the forefoot, while Asics’ Solyte – a material which is lighter and softer than normal foam (EVA) – helps absorbing the impact on the ground (because over pronators and heavier runners need stability and control, but a good amount of cushioning as well).

  • Asics Evolution 4 Upper:

The upper of the Evolution 4 is wrapped around a pretty wide last, making this shoe comfortable for people with a large foot which is often, in the case of flat feet and over pronators.

Extra comfort is added by a wide design of the toe area with plenty of mesh. The use of overlays of an elastic material (BioMorphic Fit) helps adjust the upper to the natural expansion of the foot that happens during the footstrike.

Other touches are the Ortholite sockliner that improves the comfort sensibly and the use of memory foam in the lining over the heel, to adjust its shape to yours.

  • Asics Evolution 4 Opinion:

Many Motion Control shoes often feel a bit stiff and inflexible to runners. Asics Evolution 4 does a very fine job in providing an effective control and support while still offering a soft and lightweight ride.

Definitely recommended for over pronators, runners with flat feet (low arches) and heavier runners, this shoe will prevent many ankle/shin injuries.

The pricepoint is very reasonable for all the specs of the shoe.

  • Asics Evolution 4 Price Comparison:


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